Missing Texas Dog Found in California

No one knows how Thor ended up in California when he got lost in Texas, but rescuers believe the dog had some human help.

Thor, a 16-month-old pit bull went missing from his home in San Marcos, Texas, in May of this year after his owners were forced to evacuate their property due to flooding, leaving their pet behind. Last month, the happy and friendly dog was found 2,148 miles away in California.

When the flooding occurred in May, Thor’s owners had no other choice than to leave their property with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Forced to leave, the dog owners also had to leave Thor and his two other fur siblings behind. A few days later they returned home and found their three pets missing and significant property damage related to the flood.

Photo credit: NBC News
Photo credit: NBC News

Thor’s fur siblings were found and returned home not long after the flood, but the pit bull was nowhere to be found.

Five months after the dog was lost, Del Norte County Animal Shelter in Crescent City, Calif., rescued Thor after good Samaritans brought him into the shelter. Witnesses say they saw the dog jump off the back of a pick up truck that later drove away without the dog.

At the shelter, the pet was scanned for a microchip and lucky enough, the young dog had a registered chip. Thor’s owners were contacted and were excited to learn their dog was safe and sound.

No one knows for sure how Thor made the long trip from Texas to California, but rescuers believe he had some human help.

Thor is waiting to be reunited with his family. The pet owners were hit by another flood and at the moment cannot afford to pay Thor’s transport estimated to be $1,500. The good news is that Del Norte County Animal Shelter has agreed to look after Thor until he can be reunited with his family and so far the organization has received various offers from animal lovers to help Thor get back to his Texas home.

A multi-state volunteer transport is in the works and Thor will soon be home.

53 thoughts on “Missing Texas Dog Found in California

  1. Doesn’t make sense for Thor to return to his owner… they abandoned him…in a flood situation. Pets shouldn’t be left behind. I wouldn’t give him back

  2. I hate to be that person who finds the negative in these stories but how on earth do you leave your pets behind? How long could it possibly take to stuff your dogs in the car with you before you all drive away together?

  3. I have zero respect for the people who abandoned this dog. Probably do it again since it doesn’t mean enough to them to save. Will they leave a child next time?

  4. What did they do with Thor’s sibling this time as well? Did they leave them behind for the second time? Dogs are family. So they left the house because of flooding and they did not care that the dogs might drown or starve. That does not make sense at all!

  5. I’m not sure what their circumstances were but I don’t care what kind of situation I am in, I would NOT leave behind and abandon family!!!

  6. This is awesome . But Im also very pissed WHY IN THE H3LL leave him behind pick him up carry to the car and leave would they leave their child behind ??? FKING B.S. They do not deserve to get him back !!!!!!!!!

  7. Sorry – don’t buy the “forced to leave him behind” – they dumped him and should absolutely NOT get him back!!! Pets are not disposable…

  8. sounds like bullshit!! or we arent hearing the hole story!!! they had to leave him behind?? try and force me to leave my dogs behind!! may as well tell me to cut out my own heart!

  9. In a flood, you may have to make the decision to leave within a few short minutes. It may not even be in your own vehicle. I can see how it happens, so make emergency plans in advance and don’t let the dogs out when weather conditions are bad.

  10. The family was forced to leave him behind in the flooded house???? WHAT????? I would never, EVER leave my babies, no matter what! Don’t tell me there was no other choice! Holy crap! They don’t deserve him or any dog as a matter of fact!

  11. I’m sorry, but either the story is missing some info, or the family who left the dogs are simply assholes!!!!!!! How can you leave live animals in a flooded house to defend themselves???? There is no way I would have done that! These people just despicable and disgusting! They didn’t go back to the house for 3 whole days? No, no, no, there is no excuse for their behavior, I don’t care there was a flood or not. You don’t leave your family members behind…………If I were the authorities, I would not give the dog back to them……….

  12. This isnt a heart warming story…they left their animals behind to drown!!?!? I would never leave my dog like that. The best part about this story is that Thor is still alive. Going back to the family that abandoned him is questionable

  13. I also don’t understand why the dogs had to be left behind if they were getting their car. We don’t know all the details or circumstances so it is probably best not to judge. A lot of time people are given no choice by the authorities, but then who would leave the house. I’d stay with my pets. It is still a happy ending.

  14. I agree..I would never leave my dogs behind!! He shouldn’t be given back to the so called owners! They obviously didn’t care if he survived or not..

  15. Maybe, just maybe they couldn’t return to the house? Roads were closed? Let’s not call them POS if you don’t know the facts people. There is enough negativity in this world as it is!

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