Sick Puppy Walks to Fire Station Looking for Help

Sistine is one lucky pup. She went out looking for help and knew just where to find it.

Firefighters at the East Cleveland Fire Department are used to dealing with stray dogs, and their firehouse gets a few walk-ins every year.  Last month, a stray, five-month-old pit bull mix suffering with severe mange walked into their station wanting affection and a helping hand.

Photo credit: WKYC
Photo credit: WKYC

The puppy was named Sistine, and she not only got one-on-one time with a hero firefighter, she also got the rescue she desperately needed.

Lt. Mike Celiga told USA Today the puppy spent a few hours at the station and was later taken to Crossroads Animal Hospital. There, she was diagnosed with severe mange and mites, but veterinarians said that with proper care, the pit bull stray would be back to a healthy normal within a few months.

Photo credit: WKYC

Crossroads Animal Hospital teamed up with Muttley Crue Rescue and Sistine will be under their care in a foster home. Once she is 100% healthy, she will be made available for adoption.

Sistine is one lucky pup. She went out looking for help and knew just where to find it.

Learn more about her story by watching the video below.



62 thoughts on “Sick Puppy Walks to Fire Station Looking for Help

  1. Awwwwwww, Poor Baby…THANK YOU Firemen for HELPING this little sick puppy~doggie.. What is mange? And how does a dog get it? Can it be prevented?? THANX!! 😉

    1. google manage and it will explain it better than I could , plus what causes it and how best to avoid it and how to treat it , thankfully its curable

  2. iam happy that we have peope with affection , if the world is full of nice people and imagine the world please watch this video link

    and please support and create awarness and sign the pledge and in one way we are all created by the same almighty and we are as family in this world as we all live in same world
    what if no kiiling of animals and nobody ate meat and world be full of love peace no harm to each other

    imagine other places cruelty taking places asia , and other countries even in states started to slaughter horses in mexico and canada please contact ASPCA for more details and support
    sachin , fiji
    feel free to email me on [email protected] ,anytime

  3. omg…….my heart breaks every time I hear about dogs being treated badly……..especially pit bulls!!!! People don’t know how awesome this breed is, STUPID people ruined their reputation and STUPID people believe them……….

    1. I love all animals I always cry too for all the suffering in this world all the abuse on animals. Save the animals they have a mind we are there voices ..god bless all people who care for the animals. report abuse could save a life, .God Bless

  4. A beautiful story! It does, however, beg the asking of this question: Had that been a sick, homeless, and/or starving person who wandered in begging for help…would he have been received so warmly?…or simply told to go and reclaim his spot in the Soup Kitchen line?

  5. This story originally aired 6 weeks ago. I’ve seen updated pics of this sweetie. She looks 1000 times better and will soon be ready for adoption.

  6. It makes me sad that a five month old pup was on its own. I have two seven month old puppies, so i have a realistic picture of just how young that is. I’m happy she’s off the street now.

  7. Some person who could not take care of the pup dropped it off at the station knowing that being kind hearted as they are, someone would get it fixed and hope fully get it adopted or keep it.

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