Stray Dog Pulls Newborn from Garbage Dump

Thanks to smart stray dog, a newborn baby boy tossed in a garbage dump is alive today.

A stray female dog from Campinas, Brazil, is being called an “angel sent from the heavens” after the homeless pet saved the life of a newborn baby boy.

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The dog who was scavenging for food in a garbage dump came across the newborn who still had the umbilical cord attached. The smart dog gently carried the baby in her mouth out of the dump, walked a few hundred feet to the closest house and handed the baby over to helpful humans hands. There, as if asking “please help him,” the dog showed the humans the baby and left him to their care.

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The home residents rushed the baby to the nearest hospital and doctors carefully cared for the tiny newborn. Medical representatives said the baby boy is in great condition and was unharmed by the dog.

Local residents are in disbelief that a mother would be willing to dump her newborn in a dump just minutes after giving birth. Authorities are now looking for her, the worst mother ever.

Thanks to this gentle stray dog, the baby boy is alive today.

246 thoughts on “Stray Dog Pulls Newborn from Garbage Dump

  1. The dog’s even most gentle teeth marks would leave leave punctures on naked baby. It would draw blood and make the dog blood thirsty. Dog might take baby to master’s home but not a stranger.

    Have you ever asked yourself who took the photo shots?
    I think someone wanted to make a fairy story!!!

  3. OK… who is the person taking the picture of the dog carrying the baby in it’s mouth? And why did that person not take the baby from the dog to care for it? Instead this person took the picture and let the dog go on it’s merry way to drop off the baby at someone’s house. I cry B.S.

  4. I don’t believe this real!!
    Have you ever asked yourself who took the photo shots?
    I think someone wanted to make a fairy story!!

  5. Hi From Mauritius

    Wow, great humility lesson the animal world. and shame on the mother. I do know that circumstances for the mom might have been complicated etc etc, but surely dumping is not and will never be the smartest move.
    What intrigues me however is the dog, message to the local residents, please do find the dog, care for it, find a foster family willing to give it some much deserved love.
    Let us show that we, humans, can also show humility and most of all humanity by thanking the dog.

  6. I hope the wonderful dog will be adopted with the little baby boy. They should forever be together.

  7. whats wrong with the one taking pictures yet the dog is carrying the baby thats crime against humanity…. never the less thanks to Gods wum used a dog for that idiot just took pictures….

  8. to the mum.. how could you be cruel… you enjoyed the unprotected sex.. now you kill a baby yet you carried him for 9 months thats being evil…ur a murderer . Brazilian authorities must not be ignorant to punish such act

  9. When human become cruel in many ways on new born children specially in abortion and the like, God wants to show as our thinking is lower than DOG. These days, Dogs are becoming better than human being……look what happened…..

  10. A newspaper report I saw the other day stated this was in Saudi, same photos, seems like it’s just another urban myth :/

  11. Dogs are intelligent.My Dad dog went in the bush alone & killed a wild rabbit brought at home, and took it straight in the kitchen

  12. Dear Garbage Baby, the world has become a terrible place where humans treat other humans almost as bad as they treat other animals, because our lust is more important then our sense of responsiblity, even as heterosexuals breed like a virus intent on killing its host and still have time to bully homosexuals.

  13. regardless of the credibility of this story I find the photos and offensive the internet has sunk to a new low

  14. Just got reminded Isaiah 49:13-17. Can a mother forget her baby? Apparently she can. She can do the unthinkable. But God says – I will not forget you!

  15. Would the baby rather be aborted one week before birth or be dumped hours after being born? What’s the difference, legal technicality?

  16. If you Believe in GOD, Believe in GOD'”s sent Angels, and this, AWESOME DOG , is part of GOD’s Miracle . Now, the mother of this child, will have to face GOD one day, maybe sooner, and she will know who GOD is. GOD is Love , “but ” this woman , the only thing she will receive, will be Satan welcome mat to Hell……..she will regret it. when that day comes .

  17. I don’t think anyone should judge the mother for what she did. She obviously was in a very very sad place in her life. Feel sorry for everyone in this story. Amen.

  18. I don’t understand how a parent could do this to their child. It just boggles my mind that people seem to think they can “throw away” their child as if it were a piece of furniture they no longer want. I don’t get it. It just goes to show that there are some messed up people in this world.

  19. People are always dropping stray pups off in my yard – I take the pups to the pound for adoption – now I need a nicer home!

  20. I hope God has revealed to Brazilians their future president through the dog who acted as angel Gabriel to lead them

  21. Who says this can not be. Students of history will recollect that Rome was founded by twins Remus that was brought up by a wild bear. God do awesome things. God can raise stones to praise him if men do not praise him. female Dog had replaced mother of the baby. With God every thing is possible. Human should learn from this. We should show care than hate.

  22. “Worst mother ever”? Way to pre-judge without knowing a THING about what happened. What if that mother was a homeless kid? Not as if there aren’t any of those in Brazil What if the mother feared for her life? What if the mother is DEAD?

    You don’t know what happened, so stop being a judgmental BICCH about something you were not a witness to. FIND OUT FIRST, then judge, if you MUST.

    Bearing false witness. Not a great thing, girlie. Try to work on that.

  23. Fact :
    Humans are the most cruel and evil things on earth ! Animals still listen to God, humans don’t because humans think they know it all !

  24. That dog was amazing alike many animals, including us. I am still honored to see such a wonderful heart for an animal that we refer to as an animal. We are all God’s creatures and every once in a while, things like this happen just to remind us of that.
    God bless the dog, the child, and all those who need it.

  25. Anyone who really appreciates what this dog did and how wonderful dogs are should demand and yell to the rafters, for animals to have civil rights as persons. Right now, near every one of you dogs and cats and others precious 4 legged ‘persons’ are in concentration camps being put to death in unimaginable sorrow. Yet we all drive right by, shake our heads and then go about our selfish days. Things need to change, drastically. If you care then do something. Really do something about the mass murder going on right now (including the mass murder of farm animals). For shame humanity. For shame!!

  26. Thank you Mama for taking the little one to those that could help him! May someone adopt both of you and love you for the rest of your lives.

  27. What happened to the dog?
    I will take him if he is in a shelter now. i hope he is in a shelter at least.

  28. I feel like this article is so fake, yeah it would be awesome if it was real but i doubt it..first off the picture looks sooo just not real, and also i feel like if a dog picked up a newborn baby with his mouth and carried it down the street the baby would break his neck or not survive for other can u imagine a dog lifting a baby by his neck and walking around with him..especially a newborn baby with the umbilical cord still connected and that cannot hold his head up AT ALL. that’s as newborn as he gets..just does not seem real to me..

  29. My “People also shared” section under this post has several different articles showing those same pic-so far, the dog was from Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Brazil, and here in the US. Lol pooch gets around!

  30. I sure hope and pray someone is also caring for the stray dog. Glad she wa stray at the time or she might have missed saving that precious baby.

  31. Yes I am happy about the baby surviving but I can guess why the dog did this; to retrieve, to fetch, gets a treat. What I want to know was this dog fed please

  32. PLEASE follow up on the fate of the DOG. BRAVO to the dog! But I have some troubles with the article. A) Where is the dog now? Has anyone rescued it from street life? B) “The worst mother in the world” cannot be said without other facts. Perhaps the baby daddy took it from her. Perhaps she’s mentally ill and thought it would be better for the baby. Perhaps she’s mentally ill and saw the baby as something else. HORRIBLE article, wonderful dog.

  33. This happened in Thailand and the dog wasn’t a stray dog. His name is Pui and he received a medal and lots of dog food. The baby is a girl. She was premature. That’s why she is so skinny. Just google stray dog rescues newborn.

  34. The guy that made the first comment should definitely suck it! And…who cares if the story is fake, animals do miraculous things ALL the time, Also, as far as the babies discoloration, it’s possible for him to be discolored and still have survived his experience, depending on how long he was exposed to the elements, etc. If it is true, I pray for both the baby and the dog, hope they both have everything they need!

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  36. Anyone who calls a dog a dirty animal you should know they are the sweetest animal I have ever seen.

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