Chinese Villagers Beat Dog Thief to Death

The men were mercilessly attacked. One of them, who was slashed up and bloody, had salt poured on him to exacerbate his agony.

12.16.15 - Chinese Villagers Beat Dog Thief to Death1


The mentality of many Chinese people in regards to animals has definitely turned a corner, and many are vehemently opposed to dogs being eaten.  Two men who were caught stealing dogs in one village were brutally beaten for their actions, leaving one of them dead and the other badly injured.

Sometime around noon on December 13th in the villages of Shijiang and Luodai in Guanxi Province, two men stealing dogs, presumably to sell them as food, were caught by locals.  A mob formed and sought a bit of street justice.


12.16.15 - Chinese Villagers Beat Dog Thief to Death2


The men were mercilessly attacked.  One of them, who was slashed up and bloody, had salt poured on him to exacerbate his agony.

Police arrived to find the shirtless men lying on the road.  Paramedics were unable to save one of the men, and pronounced him dead on the spot.  The other was taken to a hospital for treatment.

A special police team has been assembled to investigate the incident.  Nine citizens have been called in for interrogation, and three people have surrendered themselves for partaking in the fracas.


12.16.15 - Chinese Villagers Beat Dog Thief to Death3

712 thoughts on “Chinese Villagers Beat Dog Thief to Death

  1. Wow… Okay Humans THIS IS WRONG and if you need to be told THIS IS WRONG You are as bad as the animal abusers! FUCKING IDIOTS!

  2. If that’s genuinely the reason this happened to them, then brilliant, it’s the absolute minimum anyone should expect for taking dogs to the meat trade

  3. Well, I would not kill someone who took my dog but I sure would beat the shit out of them. So, yes they got what they deserved but not death.

  4. well I can’t say that I feel too bad about it. I guess that’s a bad thing. However, you don’t need to be stealing pets and eating them. Oh well.

  5. I don’t condone violence or the eating of dogs. But these people are taking justice into their own hands. Good or bad? I guess both ways!

  6. Someone has to stand up for the animals and it has to be the humans. Make the laws stronger…we need legislation in every country so the lives mean something. Make the penalties strong enough that they are a deterrent!

  7. If you dont have a heart for these poor dogs ,you shouldnt be following this page. People are sensitive with their sentiments ,people hurt if you talk like you cant give one F about these dogs, your personal opinion about these men being hurt is inhumane? And that there are other means to punish these thieves??? NO there isnt,i have had enough reading animal abuse,i feel so hopeless thinking there are animals out there without any food or love or shelter,and i am here behind this computer feeling helpless,and you telling us here that this is inhumane? FOH.

  8. Only problem with cheering the people on for reacting violently is that now they most probably be going to jail themselves. I see the right to protect your animal but not to act like a criminal yourself.

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