Dog Left on Balcony Returns to Her Human and Gets Treatment

June, also known as #PorchPooch, is returned to her human and gets the love and medical treatment she deserves.

12.9.15 - June1

Back on 11/4 of this year we told you about a dog that was being seriously neglected.  A man in Houston, Texas was supposed to be watching a dog for a friend.  What it looked like was straight neglect.  Now that dog is back with her human, has got the medical treatment she needed, and is doing well.

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The dog’s name is June.  However, many may know her as #PorchPooch.  A photo of the terrible conditions she was living in mae its way to social media outlets and sparked quite a controversy.

Several photos made it to social media.  One of the dog in a diaper, one of her with a shoestring tied around her mouth.  Once they were seen by the general public, the situation went international.

Police and animal control officers did check on the dog.  They claimed to see that the dog was in adequate health, and they didn’t charge the man that was renting the apartment that the dog was staying at.

12.9.15 - JuneFEAT

Even though the man in question wasn’t arrested and charged, one of the neighbors of the apartment block that perhaps was complaining the loudest, was arrested.  Amber Cammack spent 14 hours in lockup before the charges were dropped.  Se was not charged.

This was not the end of Cammack.  She continued her campaign to have June removed, not just from the man watching her, but removed from her human mom Essence Gainous s well.  She took to social media, along with many, many others, all letting the man and Essence know exactly what they thought of her and it wasn’t very nice.

Essence said that she had to leave June in someone else’s care.  She says that the dog was staying with Dukkie Love because she was injured, in the hospital, and lost her apartment.  She felt that it was the only way to not have to surrender June and lose her permanently.  Mr Love has since made a public apology on the popular website The Dodo.

“We both know it was wrong,” he said to The Dodo. “I’ll never make that mistake again.  It’ll never happen again.”

12.9.15 - June2

The threats and abuse that Essence was receiving via Facebook continue to this day.  She gets regular threats, and is the recipient of a lot of verbal abuse.  She told The Dodo that she felt she had no choice in the matter if she didn’t want to lose her dog.

“I was in an car accident.  I was rushed to the hospital and my car was totaled,” she says.  “And I lost my apartment.  That’s why June was not in my care.”

Today, June is back in Essence’s care.  Photos of her with June have made their way to social media, and June actually looks very healthy.  In fact, she looks like a different dog all together.

12.9.15 - June3


35 thoughts on “Dog Left on Balcony Returns to Her Human and Gets Treatment

  1. Some people shouldn’t have dogs or cats. If you can’t take proper care of a pet then give that pet to someone who will or don’t get one to begin with.

  2. The person who left the dog with that idiot is just as responsible for the neglect. Why should we be happy the dog is back with this owner?

  3. What they failed to mention is that this “friend” she left her dog with (Dukkie Love) is actually her boyfriend. He needs to be kicked to the curb.

  4. LEASE DONT LEAVE YOUR PUP WITH ANYONE AGAIN!!!!!! Take care of pup nice OR dont have one, I HOPE YOU REALLY TRULY LOVE PUP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  5. I hope her and this dude are NOT still together what happens if she goes to store and hes alone with pup ???????????NOT GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I agree with Luke, this person is just as responsible. No reason to be happy except the dog doesn’t look as neglected in this picture. But God forbid if she goes out of town again or something. And besides all that, I thought the story said his “girlfriend” was there when the authorities were called… was this the same “girlfriend”? Kinda makes you wanna go hmmmmm, don’t it?

  7. Next time I’ll dog sit. I’m in San Antonio make the drive so that this doesn’t happen again and break up with your boyfriend. It says a lot about a person how they treat animals.

    1. The neighbor was arrested for exposing the abuse. She posted video or pictures of the abusers home and the dog’s environment if I remember correctly. Her arrest was completely bogus.

  8. PLEASE CHOOSE BETTER PEOPLE TO HELP WHEN YOU NEED A SITTER…. that person was shit, DUMP THAT FRIENDSHIP, we all will be watching, you’re out there now, all agencies know about this. We care about that dog…. DON’T DO IT WRONG AGAIN !!!

    1. I totally agree with you. People need to start doing their jobs better, or just need to be fired because they’re not doing their job right. No one should leave a dog alone with someone they don’t trust, or someone whom doesn’t know how to take care of one. Animals can be taken to a kennel where they are feed and taken cared of. I feel like the boyfriend and girlfriend are both guilty and should be ashamed of themselves. If I had to chose sides, I would choose the neighbor’s side. She knew what she was doing and talking about.

    2. It’s a sad truth but as long as there is food, water and shelter and no real noticeable problems from their perspective then they say their job is complete and leave all as is until another complaint. It is like most times when something really bad happens then they blame others yet when it could have been looked into and followed up before a tragedy they could not be bothered.

  9. So she loved this dog so much she would rather the dog be tourtured that have to give him up to a shelter / rescue that might be able to find him a good home?

    I call B.S. If you love your dog and you want the best for him you let him go. Yes it hurts but selfishlty hanging onto him was for HER not the dog. I see she’s missed no meals herself.

    True love and caring means we put their needs above our own wants and emotions.

  10. so she picks this man to watch her dog…and he is her BF ? She should lose the right to that dog…find him a home that cherishes him…bad judgement If You Love Me, Put a Leash On Me

  11. Clearly, just like some people shouldn’t have kids (but do just because they can), some people should not have pets. She knew the character of this “friend” – or whatever he was – and should have at least been checking on the wellbeing of her dog. Even when we have had to board dogs, I call to check to make sure they are okay. It’s a shame there isn’t an organization like DSHS to check on the welfare of pets who have been abused/neglected like there is for children who have been abused/neglected

  12. If I trusted my friend to watch my dog and this happened I would no longer have that friend and that friend would no longer have teeth.

  13. If a person I trusted turned around, and neglected my dog like this…. I would most likely be out for blood. That’s disgusting, all animal abusers should not have the privilege of breathing.

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