Dumped Dog Rescued and Rehomed Thanks to City Surveillance Cameras

Two city employees from different divisions come together to rescue a dog in need.


Kansas City Code Enforcement Officer Alan Ashurst helped to get the cameras put up three years ago that is aimed at catching illegal dumpers.  In that three years, he’s seen a lot of people dump all sorts of things, but never a live dog.  Until recently that is.

One can clearly see on the pictures from the camera, someone rolling up to the spot, opening a door, and forcing out a dog.  Then the vehicle drives away, leaving the poor scared dog all alone.  This really bothered Ashurst.

“This is as mad as I’ve ever been,” said Ashurst.  “I just couldn’t believe it.”

12.31.15 - Dumped2

Ashurst contacted Kansas City’s Animal Health and Public Safety Officer Eron Dawkins.  Dawkins checked the photos over several days, and noticed that the dog was still visible in photos taken by the cameras over several days.  So, Dawkins and Ashurst went to the area to see if the dog was actually still there.

Dawkins, who is known by the nickname “Dr. Dolittle” because he has a knack for “talking” to animals, took a can of food and a live trap out to the spot where the camera was.  The dog hadn’t wandered far, and using the can of food, he got the dog to safety.

“I was excited to go out there to rescue this animal,” he said.

12.31.15 - Dumped3

The dog was taken to the KC Pet Project, which operates a shelter locally.  The dog may have been thin and underfed, but he was very friendly, and the staff at the KC Pet Project knew he would make a great addition to any family looking for a young and energetic dog.

He would not have to wait too long for a forever family.  As luck would have it, a couple was at the shelter when he came in, and it was love at first sight.  The dog has gone from unwanted and dumped on the side of the road, to having a forever family in just a few short days, and it’s all thanks to those cameras and two city employees with big hearts.

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26 thoughts on “Dumped Dog Rescued and Rehomed Thanks to City Surveillance Cameras

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  2. Thank you. Now give the police the license plate of the shitbags that dumped him, and charge them with neglect on an animal.

  3. Very sad that in America we have surveillance cameras at landfills to catch people dumping illegally.
    I certainly hope that the justice system finds the low life scum is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Too bad a judge cannot sentence the dirt bag to living in the landfill.
    I am glad that the dog was rescued.

  4. So happy this pup has a new home where people actually have a heart. Hopefully the scum that dumped this poor dog will get theirs!!!!

  5. this kind of thing reinforces my thinking that the more I see out of humans the better I love my dogs.

  6. But they don’t mention the ” dumper” surely with the car and number plate visible they can be traced- surely a fine or something to send a message that this kind of behavior is intolerable!

  7. Praise the Lord that they had surveillance, NO LIFE IS DISPOSABLE!!!! About time we all realize that, and do whatever it takes to make these scum bag idiots stop abusing precious animals. There is no excuse for animal abuse. NONE whatsoever!!!!! Bravo Mr. Ashurst!!!!

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