Injured Soldier & Dog Recover in a Hospital Room Together

“SPC Brown arrived early this morning to Walter Reed where he was met by his waiting family, and Rocky is expected to return to Fort Hood in the coming weeks.”

12.12.15 - Injured Soldier & Dog Get a Hospital Room Together1


An IED that detonated in Afghanistan left a military dog and his handler in need of medical care, and in a sweet turn of events, they were roomed together at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  They are now both recovering.

Specialist Brown and his dog Rocky were sweeping a structure when the bomb went off.  They were immediately transported out of the country for treatment.

“I am a member AE crew of the 379 EAES (Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron) who transported Rocky and his handler from Afghanistan to Germany. We were very concerned about all three involved in the blast and we are very glad to see they are doing well,” commented Sherry Sexton on the Facebook post from the 89th Military Police Brigade.


12.12.15 - Injured Soldier & Dog Get a Hospital Room Together2


“We love our job. I had Rocky’s injured handler medicated to rest on the flight, and his alternate ha flee was exhausted, so our aeromedical Evac took turns lovin on Rocky. If he were a cat he would have purred. He got lots of attention. It just hurts our hearts when our working fur babies are injured. They can’t talk to us and tell us what to do for them so we do the medical stuff – but we shower them with hugs and pets.”

The photo of Rocky wearing his purple heart has gone viral, and now the pair are receiving tons of attention from well-wishers.

“They are both very thankful for your thoughts and prayers and are in the process of heading back home,” an additional Facebook post said.  “SPC Brown arrived early this morning to Walter Reed where he was met by his waiting family, and Rocky is expected to return to Fort Hood in the coming weeks. Please remember them, as well as all our Soldiers deployed around the world, during the holiday season.”


291 thoughts on “Injured Soldier & Dog Recover in a Hospital Room Together

  1. If i were injured… I would definitly heal faster If my dog would be at my side.. If i would Not be able to feel her IT would make me sad

    1. Gary you are Stupid! You don’t know what you are talking about! Get a life or at least grow up! Yes wars are useless and hurtful but if someone doesn’t stand up to the bully’s of the world then we will be shoved into to concentration camps just like during WWII because we are different. but won’t or can’t defend ourselves..

    1. That is how it should be. Last I saw was Rocky was in Texas at Lackland AFB.
      Will Andrewvalso go to Ft. Hood when he. recovers?

  2. Semi- unrelated… my girl dog died and for months I’d wake up and feel her in my bed, against my back. Or I’d wake up and hear her snoring. I’d try to stay awake, but it fades. After three years now she was against my back again this week. Until I fully woke up. I don’t believe in anything, but if I did I’d swear it was true. I do believe a dog can mean everything to a person. You have to be needed.

    1. Just her way of showing you she made it to the other side and is always with you in spirit.Of this I TRULY believe….:)

  3. You both suffered a tremendous trauma, but how wonderful that you are able to be together while mending. I’m sure that helped you both physically and emotionally….kudos to Walter Reed Hosp

  4. Life With Dogs is not reporting the story accurately. The handler is in Walter Reed, but the dog remains in Germany until he can return to the US (not to the same hospital). Nice photo, but your details are off.

    Please pray that these two soldiers will recover well, wherever they are, and are able to reunite soon.

  5. I still can’t explain why patients are not allowed to have their dogs with them. It can make such a difference in the recovery.

  6. This is the most wonderful gift to give the soldier and the dog that have served,thank you ! this gladnes my heart.Be well and heal together ~

  7. So horribly sorry both of these military personnel were injured, but very glad they are being able to stay together. I would think it would aid in their recovery.

  8. I am praying for the quick recovery of, both of our injured heros. Thank you for your service and please know how many positive and loving thoughts are coming your way.

  9. He is exactley where he should be. A hero soldier and his Hero partner. Get well soon guys, love you and thank you for serving <3 <3

  10. Ty for serving our country! May God heal you both so you can come home soon! Salute….from Kathy Harrison daughter of deceased SGT 1ST Class 32nd Infantry. Fought in the Iron Triangle. Awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star with Bronze Star Attached, Presidential Unit Award, Combat Infantry Badge, several others the US never gave him as well as the disability he deserved. He went in through the NG from L’ville MS & was sent into North Korea. The army didn’t do a physical discharge on him and sent him home. When he tried to get hearing loss from the VA later, the woman from the VA all but hung up on him. He was hit by a morter saving another mans life. He was thrown 10 yds and woke up in a Mash unit. He was sent back to the front lines. He got 10% disability and slept on a 1/4-1/2 inch piece of ply board the rest of his life’s! Make sure your bases are covered. Praying for my troops and dogs!

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