Missing Service Dog Found While Family is Interviewed by News Crew

A happy holiday reunion for Radar and his family comes at a very unexpected time!

12.15.15 - missing2

Miracles do happen, and sometimes they happen in the strangest of ways.  Jason and Carolyn Cooper got to find out all about that recently when their missing service dog Radar turned up in the background shot of a news piece that featured the Coopers asking the community for help locating the dog.

Radar had been missing for almost a week when a local news station had offered to do a story to see if they couldn’t get some help from the community in locating him.  They were going to make a public appeal when something unexpected happened.

12.15.15 - missing2

The missing dog turned up while they were filming, and could be seen in the distance on the video feed!

Just as he finished saying, “He’s completely part of our lives, and we just need him back,” Jason Cooper noticed something about a half of a mile away.  It was Radar! The dog made his way home!  Talk about your happy reunions!




62 thoughts on “Missing Service Dog Found While Family is Interviewed by News Crew

  1. So happy they found him.
    My dog used to take off for days at a time too and it was awful not knowing if he was ok.
    Then I had him neutered. Problem solved.

  2. Ok, great story, but it kills me how they assume someone had the dog…..more than likely he just ran off and roamed around for a few days, then decided to come home. It happens when your dogs run loose.

  3. For those thinking he just ran off:
    Besides that service dogs don’t tend to run away, this article give details regarding other good reasons they believe he was stolen.

    For example:
    1) He showed back up freshly bathed
    2) They’re pretty sure they even saw the vehicle when he was taken.

    Here’s the article:

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