Mother Dog Braves Flooding in India to Save her Pups

A video of a mother dog braving flood waters in India to save the lives of her pups.


India is being slammed by heavy rains in much larger quantities than usual, and flooding is becoming a huge issue all across the country.  Someone managed to grab a video of a mother dog rescuing her puppies from the raging flood waters, and the inspiring bravery is quickly making it a viral video.

It shows a mother dog with black and white fur swimming near a garbage pile.  On the garbage pile are her puppies, scared out of their minds and whimpering.  She knows that she has got to get her little family to dryer and higher ground before it’s too late.

She scoops up one puppy with her mouth, and gets back into the dirty flood water.  She swims, carrying her baby to safety and dryer land.  Then goes back for another one.  She makes her way back to the other three, grabs another, and carries the pup to safety.


12.24.15 - mother dog2


The calm and level-headedness the mother dog shows is unreal.  With the situation at hand, even some human moms would be left wondering what to do.  Not this mother dog.  She has one thing, and one thing alone on her mind.  Save her puppies!

She managed to get all four puppies to a safer area, and then spent some time calming everyone down.  The danger was over for now, and thanks to this cool, calm and collected mother dog, her pups will live to tell the tale.

India has seen more rainfall recently than it’s seen in a century.  Chennai, India (where the video was captured) has been hit especially badly.  The sewer systems there are rudimentary at best, and in many places have completely failed.  This presents another danger for these people, of stagnating sewage, which could lead to disease epidemics.


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82 thoughts on “Mother Dog Braves Flooding in India to Save her Pups

    1. I was wondering the same thing. What ignorance. What a dirty filthy country! I suppose if the dogs were in danger the person taping would have continued taping and let the dogs die.

  1. They can film this and post it but not help save the lives of these dogs??
    Disgusting… And don’t say how poor and horrible the people’s conditions are… Humanity is present in you whether you are poor or rich.
    No respect for life

  2. I recently returned from India. There are hundreds if that thousands of homeless dogs in every city. They live in slumps and look for foods in the garbage. No surprise that the person filming the incident don’t help the momma dog, they are very mean to the dogs. I see kids chasing these poor homeless dogs around and try to beat them with sticks just for fun. It is a very disheartening!

  3. Somethings photographers shoot show the world whats happening and then lend them a helping hand too ..which of course is behind the scenes !!

  4. Poor animals ,what they go through alone! There should be no animals living in some of these countries, just suffering and breeding. .i feel so sorry for them and can’t even helped them!

  5. Humanity…..what a joke. Animals have far better qualities than humans. India….Hell on earth for animals just like China and other parts of the world. Judgement day is going to be very busy.

  6. I hope that with the video going viral that someone can figure out exactly where they are and hope they get rescued….. Someone please rescue these poor babies

  7. What a loving brave mum .lm afraid I couldn’t stand there and watch her save the baby’s I would help her .so very sad they treat mans best friend badly.hope mum a and baby’s are safe .God Bless her and her baby’s.Alanas mum.

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