National Geographic Offers Unique Inside Look on Puppy Development

A video from National Geographic is offering a unique look at what puppy development in the womb looks like.


Many people are aware of how a human baby forms and develops inside a mother’s womb.  Using technologies like ultrasound, or sonogram, we’re well aware of exactly what is going on.  National Geographic is offering a unique look into how a puppy develops, and the video they made is quite amazing.


12.19.15 - puppy videoFEAT


The video contains tons of great information.  The puppy starts off not looking very much like a puppy at all.  Throughout the course of time, you’ll get to see it become more and more like a puppy, all the way up to the adorable little ears.


12.19.15 - puppy video2


The video could be a great teaching tool for kids about how life starts.  However, you don’t need to be a student or a teacher to enjoy it.  You’re guaranteed to learn some things that you might not have known before, and quite frankly, we simply cannot get enough of those tiny little ears!


12.19.15 - puppy video3

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  2. God made life, and even a dogs life is precious and beautiful, a marvel and wonder……..they should all be treated as such!!!! Simply amazing……and some humans have no business taking it for granted. Love the pups…….forever and always!

  3. I look forward to the day when people stop breeding millions of dogs for money while millions of dogs are murdered just because they do not have a home…..

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