Service Dog Earns College Degree

Dog earns social work degree after attending all required courses.

Idena, a black Labrador and eye-seeing service dog received her bachelor’s degree in social work from the Cadiz University in Spain this year. This after the dog faithfully and efficiently guided her owner, Arturo Díaz Benítez, as he pursued that same degree himself.

Photo credit: El Mundo
Photo credit: El Mundo

The honorary degree came as a surprise to Díaz Benítez and the dog, but the graduating class agreed to present such honor to the dog because after all, she too attended all necessary classes to earn the degree.

The honor was made official, after the guide dog’s photograph was printed along her graduating classmates. Other graduates said the distinction is nothing short of what the dog deserves. Idena was the most attentive pupil of the graduating class.

Photo credit: El Mundo
Photo credit: El Mundo

The higher education road for Idena and her owner doesn’t stop here. The two have enrolled in new courses to obtain a Psychology degree.

Good luck smart pup!

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  1. wow, by every thing we have seen these dogs do, everyone should know how smart, sensitive, kind, loveing these babys can be. look deep in there eyes, pure inocence.

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