UPDATE: Precious the Pit Bull Finds Temporary Housing

“Such a common trait in this breed to love whoever is taking care of them,” said Stuby.

Back on December 2nd we told you about Precious.  She is a pit bull that stood guard over her human after a house fire.  At first, she wasn’t going to be allowed to return to her family because of pit bull restrictions in the area, but she was taken in by family members.  They cannot keep her, and now she is in temporary housing and looking for a forever home.

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Precious has been taken in by foster mom Jessica Stuby.  She started following the story after seeing a picture of Precious standing guard over her human, injured in a house fire.  One could say it was love at first site.  She said this kind of loyalty is something almost built into a pit bull.

“Such a common trait in this breed to love whoever is taking care of them,” said Stuby.

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April Newell and her father were injured when a house fire broke out while they were sleeping.  Newell was hospitalized for minor injuries, but her father suffered from smoke inhalation and some burning.  Is was her father that Precious was standing guard over that day.  According to Newell, Precious has always been a love bug.

After the story hit the news, trouble stemming from Precious’ breed and bans in the area of Maryland she is from was almost immediate.  Precious was taken away, and not allowed to return home.  She was then taken to some family members elsewhere, without the restrictions on breed.  However, they cannot keep her.

For now, Precious resides with Jessica Stuby as a foster.  Precious is a very sweet dog, and loyal almost to a fault.  This little lover dog needs a forever home where she will be loved, and has ample opportunity to snuggle and spend quality time with her humans.  If that sounds like you or your family, you can contact her at Bayside Animal Medical Center at 410-544-4423, or contact her directly at [email protected].

Stuby works with Babes 4 Bullies Rescue.  If you’d like more information on them, you can click here to see their Facebook page, or click here for their main page.

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66 thoughts on “UPDATE: Precious the Pit Bull Finds Temporary Housing

  1. Poor Precious 🙁 she didn’t even do anything wrong and is being taken away from her owner.
    Glad she is placed in a foster home instead of a shelter! I really hope she finds a good forever home, she deserves it!

  2. This story is around my area. I thought the news said. That she found a forever home. They show a video with her new mommy, kissing her.

  3. So precious.I pray it gets a warm ,safe forever home.I would move in a area that allows my dog.couldn’t give my pets up.thanks to the kind girl who is giving the safe place with kindness for this beautiful dog.

  4. The pits are not the problems. Change the law to read “any vicious pet owner, or animal abuser, or person training an animal to be vicious, shall be forbidden within (city), (county) (state) or humanely euthanized by lethal injection or gas chamber. Any animal in the custody of said human shall be placed in a permanent living situation.

  5. I was told by the news station that this dog was back with the owner. I hope it’s true because I found legislation signed last year that allows Pitbulls in Maryland and I was trying to find the owner of this dog to tell him.

  6. I hope someone nice receives her just what she has done alone I would think we be enough to want her.IN MY OPINION SHE HAS SHOWED THE WORLD ENOUGH WHAT HER PERSONALITY IS LIKE.

  7. What is WRONG with PEOPLE! This is a dog, REGARDLESS of breed that is LOYAL and know what LOVE is. And just because of her breed, she is in this position?! Absolutely Foolish

  8. This poor dog precious did nothing wrong except try and protect her owner if i was the owner i would move into an area where i could keep her

  9. this is so wrong. ANY dog can be mean or vicious. It’s not the breed it’s the scum who trains the dog to act that way. RETURN precious to her rightful owner where she belongs. That poor dog being taken away from the man who loves her as much as she loves him. Sincerely hope she gets returned to him if not hope she finds some one who loves her with unconditional love&respect. Poor precious her heart will be broken if she can’t be with her human. Animals have feelings just like we do. SEND HER BACK TO HIM HAVE A HEART & SHOW SOME COMPASSION.

  10. people wake up , it’s not the dogs , it’s the idiots that raise them to fight & attack !! For GODS sake let him go back to his loving family . If you don’t amend your law then the towns run by a bunch of morons that need an education !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Shame on this community fir breed discrimination. ANY BREED can be mean its the HUMANS that make them that way! I’m glad this Sweetie is safe!

  12. A non-pitbull or pitbull mix attacked my dog in Prince George’s county and I have to go to court to get this animal deemed vicious. Animal control and the police cannot remove the dog because they said my dog was not mauled, but attacked. What is the difference? I now have to euthanize my dog because of his injuries. It’s not fair to outlaw Pitbulls. Any dog can be vicious if not trained properly.

  13. Awwww…♡ 🙁 ♡
    This story REALLY breaks my heart to pieces!!! 🙁
    I just HOPE & PRAY she CAN RETURN To her owner/family or gets BLESSED with a DESERVING L♡VING FUREVER HOME REALLY SOON!!!♡

  14. What’s sad is that dog was so loyal to its owner, yet the owner is not being too loyal to the dog! Why isn’t the owner leaving and going to a place where they are both welcome?!? If I were put in this situation where it was leave or the dog goes, I would be leaving in a second. I would NEVER leave my dog behind because of some BS law! Just my opinion.

  15. The animal is not the problem, those who raise them incorrectly are. Precious did nothing wrong and the law should be flexible enough to recognise this. Any law which is clearly unfair should be amended. This itself should be law.

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