URGENT! Abused and Abandoned Pit Bull Puppy Needs Surgery

“He was already abused, left by the side of the road,” said Rangel-Miller. “Then we find out that there’s even more, that he has medical conditions.”


Pickles is just three months old, and already life is an uphill battle for him.  Not only has he suffered abuse at the hands of some horrible humans, but was dumped on the side of the road and left for dead as well.  After being rescued, doctors discovered a heart condition that requires immediate surgery for him to survive, and grow up to be trained as a therapy dog.

Some good Samaritans came across Pickles after he was abandoned.  They weren’t sure just what to do with the poor little guy, so they called Nikki Johnson.  Johnson has fostered a great deal of dogs over the past few years, and knows just what to do in these situations.

“I had sent the information to my boyfriend and said I think we could potentially foster this guy,” said Johnson.  “He won’t take long to find a home, he’s a puppy, super cute.”

Johnson immediately noticed signs of abuse on Pickles.  There was scarring where his ears had been cut, forcing him to have to wear a special hat while in the rain to protect him.

“They only cut the ears off to make them look mean.  That’s why they do that to pit bulls,” said Johnson.

One would figure the little guy to be terrified of people because of what he was put through.  However, Johnsons says that’s not really the case.  In fact, she believes that he could become an amazing therapy dog if trained properly.

“I think anybody would be terrified of people if you were held down as a child and your ears cut off,” said Johnson.  “But he loves everybody.”

Johnson took Pickles in to see the doctors, and that’s when his heart condition was discovered.  He has stage 5 pulmonic stenosis, which is potentially fatal.  Vanessa Rangel-Miller also has a dog with the same medical condition as Pickles, and knows all too well the dangers it comes along with.

“He was already abused, left by the side of the road,” said Rangel-Miller.  “Then we find out that there’s even more, that he has medical conditions.”

She is trying to spread the word about Pickles and his condition, reaching out to the community for help with getting him cared for.  She also strongly believes that Pickles could be a great therapy dog.  His sweet and loving temperament would be just right.

“This dog has the potential to really help a lot of other people and a lot of other kids, and I’d like to do anything I can to make that happen,” said Rangel-Miller.

Johnson is very thankful for the help in reaching out to the community.  She’s amazed that so many people already have helped out with Pickles’ care.  If you’d like to see more about Pickles, watch his progress or donate to the cause, you can check out his special Facebook page by clicking here.

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39 thoughts on “URGENT! Abused and Abandoned Pit Bull Puppy Needs Surgery

  1. And yet, some how this dog with the right family will some how forgive humans even though the only thing he knows is misery at their hands. Many vets will not even perform this ridiculous surgery just to make the dog look mean. Although I guess nit’s better than some disgusting human deciding to use a pair of scissors to do it.

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  3. Hello, I am Pickles’ mom. =) THANK YOU for spreading the word about my little guy! He is seriously precious and we couldn’t be luckier to live in such a caring community! We are lucky to have Pickles as our family member and want nothing but the best for him!

    He definitely went through some hard times before he came to us and has some very tough hurdles to get past in the future. But he is still a happy go lucky kind of guy, as ever puppy should be. He will some day perform therapy work with children and veterans of the military. Although we adopted him not knowing about his condition, we do hope that his condition will help the patients he visits to connect with Pickles and learn that they to can overcome anything while still living a meaningful life.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has donated! Please stop us whenever you see us and say hello! =)

  4. Cute puppy. I wish him the best from now on. Also, i dont get why some people crop Any dogs ears?! I had a Beagle and an American staff and i enjoyed ” molesting” their ears every chance i got. I was always to them ” Come here with them earssss. I wish i had ears like this! “

  5. thanks to that wonderful and great person she needs all the support she can from the people who are reading this , please do care for the animals where ever you are , what ever you do they are no harm to any one they are part of us in this world created by the same almighty

    please use this link below to watch the video and please support and change the way of life it starts from you


    thanks once again
    sachin , fiji

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