3D Printer Helps Dog with Deformities Walk Again

Technology once again helps a dog in need get back up on all four legs.

Derby was born with deformed front legs. With no paws and short little legs, the dog had never been able to walk like any other dog would, but with the help of 3D-printing technology, the disabled pet walks like a normal dog today.

According to IFLScience, 3D Systems’ Director of Product Management Tara Anderson spotted Derby while he was under the care of Peace and Paws dog rescue in New Hampshire. She immediately thought the new technology could help Derby’s dream to walk normal again come true.

In 2014 they started testing prosthetic 3D prototypes on Derby. At first, designers wanted to get the dog used to walking with artificial legs, and then they slowly transitioned him to the final printed model that allows Derby to walk up straight.

Photo credit: 3D Systems/YouTube
Photo credit: 3D Systems/YouTube

Derby was so willing to get back on all four legs that he welcomed the prosthesis, what’s more, he gave the innovators feedback on what was working and what was not.

Anderson said the final design was made using nylon and a printing processes called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), where heat from a high-power laser, fuses particles together in a three-dimensional form.

Today Derby walks with easy on his custom made prosthesis and best of all, he found his forever home. The special dog was adopted by Sherry Portanova.

This lucky dog hit the jackpot with his 3D-printed legs and his forever family. Congratulations Derby!

18 thoughts on “3D Printer Helps Dog with Deformities Walk Again

  1. hope you have a blast with your new paws&legs Derby. Have fun playing;running;jumping & what ever else your little heart desires to do.

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  3. Thank goodness for creative engineering , medical science and the wealth of people who are in various professions who are sincere and caring.
    Her new family member (s) are incredible people.
    Derby and family , I’m so very happy you were given the chance to live and not put down. To be able to live a full happy healthy and fun life.
    Love how you Roll now Derby !! xo

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