All a Dog Has to Do to Win Hearts Everywhere Is Fly

At least seeing a dog sitting nearby wouldn’t raise many eyebrows, unlike the support pig and support turkey that recently took to the skies.

1.27.16 - All a Dog Has to Do to Win Hearts Is Fly0


Back in November, we brought you the news that Delta Air Lines would no longer be forcing pets to fly as cargo beginning in March of this year.  But some dogs have already been enjoying the perks of flying as a regular passenger, and a photo of one of them has quickly gone viral.

Emotional support animals and service dogs are already allowed on board, so it looks like this guy hasn’t been made to wait with all the other “regular” dogs.  (I say this very tongue-in-cheek.)

But at least seeing a dog sitting nearby wouldn’t raise many eyebrows, unlike the support pig and support turkey that recently took to the skies.  (Okay, I can understand the pig, because they’re almost just like dogs, but a turkey?  Come on.)

Twitter user NickWeathers14 tweeted the photo he snapped on Delta flight 4640 from Atlanta to Chattanooga, and the replies were just what you’d expect.






211 thoughts on “All a Dog Has to Do to Win Hearts Everywhere Is Fly

  1. I’d much rather sit by a dog anyday..and I have flown a lot ! Than a child…a unruly child…which I have to be honest have been about 95% of the time ….there are some kids that behave …but I tell you I have nightmare stories to tell..I used to have to travel thru my job in I mean a lot of flying!!!

  2. Large dogs are allowed to sit on the seat? I heard big dogs aren’t allowed with passengers, only small to medium dogs. If this is true, it’s great news!

  3. So is this dog a Service Dog or an Emotional Support Animal? This article is very misleading. As a service dog handler I’m concerned that more people will abuse the system and make it harder for legitimate working teams.

  4. This is great, but what if your pup is a serial super duty farter? At least you’ll get extra room around you….. I wouldnt want my dogs to travel any other way. Then I get to enjoy the journey with them. And we can fart togther.

  5. Most dogs are so invinsible. they do without question. they are geared somehow to protect, no questions asked. it’s in their genes. we think twice, they don’t they just jump in. If I was ever on a plane that went down I ‘d go for the dog first, he knows survival skills, the rest of the people would take you down, thats their survival skills. survival of the fitis.

  6. Smart dog! He’s sitting by the emergency exit, so when the flight attendant asked him whether he was familiar with operating the door in case of an emergency, he must have barked “yes” 😉

  7. Unless, we’re leaving the country, not; they ride with in RV. No flying, trains maybe, stopped flying after I left working for the airlines in 70 never flown again. Always drive!!!

  8. this is wonderful. however it will never happen in my country’s airline unless service dog for the blind. coz ppl will complain about the fur, the hygiene etc.

  9. Perhaps they mean that going forward you can get your dog on the same flight, but they will still fly in the cargo hold, however it will be a separate temperature controlled section. Small dogs that can fit comfortably in carriers under the front seat can get in the cabin. Depending on the airline my dog flies either in the plane with me or in the cargo hold, but we always fly on the same flight.

  10. Every darn time I click on the link, it says I won an iPhone 7 & I have to hit ok to continue & it takes me away from the link. No way around it. SCAM!!!! So maddening. ?

  11. Love it, better than sitting closely to a person that has terrible body odour for hours , give me the doggie any day, enjoy doggies they are family so they should fly with us ????❌

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  13. Probably more well behaved than the majority of humans i have had to sit next to on flights. Having a service dog myself I commend them 🙂

  14. Àrin is so right!!! Thank you ,Delta, just one more reason why I love this airlines., Also what you do for the fallen soldiers & their dogs !

  15. So when I bought my precious little Yorkie from Missouri he had to fly in a cargo hold? He flew on American Airlines and I don’t think they have cargo planes. I heard that there is no oxygen in a plane’s cargo hold so I am confused. It cost me $250.00 to fly him out to me. I think for that price he should have got a seat!!!!

  16. People who would complain should eat in European restaurants. Most allow dogs to sit with their humans, but, under the table.

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