Child Films Skinny Great Dane and Asks for Help

It is not clear if Alaska was purposely neglected or if the pet has an underlying medical issue, but authorities are now investigating.

Last week, a video of a skinny Great Dane named Alaska was taken by a twelve-year-old boy from Jacksonville, Fla., and went viral on Facebook, after the child sent the video to his aunt Sara Stadler in Wisconsin asking her to help him save the dog. According to reports, the boys mom, Lydia Rossow, had left the dog locked in a room for more than a week without food and water and refused to feed the pet. Since then authorities have stepped in to investigate, but the emaciated dog continues to be at home with the pet owner.

Photo credit: First Coast News
Photo credit: First Coast News

According to First Coast News, Stadler was concerned for the health of her nephew and the dog after receiving the video. The clip shows a dirty apartment and an emaciated dog. Feeling helpless by the long distance separating her from her nephew, Stadler contacted local animal groups to see if they could check on Alaska and help remove the animal if necessary. (The boy was removed from the home by his dad.)

Pet Rescue North contacted authorities and asked for a well-being check, however this was not considered an emergency and authorities did not promise to check on the dog right away. After the video was posted, Facebook users contact local authorities and their phone lines were flooded with calls. An animal control officer was dispatched to the home, but after speaking with Alaska’s owner and checking on the pet, the dog was not removed.

News 4 Jax said the A.C officer met the underweight dog, but because Alaska was alert, friendly, active, and not in any imminent danger, the dog was not taken away. The officer also spoke with a cooperating pet owner who informed authorities the dog had a history of stomach issues causing the dog to lose weight. The pet owner agreed to provided supporting paperwork in a follow up meeting, however, when investigators returned they were not able to speak with the dog’s owner nor see Alaska again.

Since then, the pet owner was issued a citation for animal neglect.

Alaska’s owners also obtained legal representation and now there is an ongoing legal case.

It is not clear if Alaska was purposely neglected or if the pet has an underlying medical issue. What is clear is that authorities are now involved and the alleged case of animal neglect against Alaska has gathered the public’s attention.

We will follow this case closely and bring you updates as these are made public.
You can learn more about Alaska on this page or on the petition created to remove Alaska from her home.

50 thoughts on “Child Films Skinny Great Dane and Asks for Help

  1. This dog should be removed IMMEDIATELY! It’s obvious that the owner doesn’t give a damn about the health and well-being of this dog. What are the authorities waiting for? For the dog to die? Get him out of there before he does! I wouldn’t trust this woman with a goldfish much less a dog.

  2. What is the phone number for the Jacksonville shelter that should have taken this poor dog? How stupid, how ignorant and how neglectful of animal control to just leave the dog! This makes me so mad and hurts me at the same time! The little boy knows more than the adults!

  3. I can’t belive authority of how bad this dog looks on website never the less imagine what dog looks in person. I Agree 100% the DOG should have been removed immediately. To have a young boy ask for help for his dog. Tells you something is WRONG. I’M ASKING YOU TO GET THE DOG OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. AN CHARGE THE OWNER FOR NEGLECT.

  4. The puppy could be suffering from EPI which is pancreatic insufficiency. They latterly starve to death. It needs treatment right away. Regardless, she should voluntarily give up the dog. He needs a better home. What a horrible person to have a dog or child.

  5. After reading the comments, it looks like all of us are in agreement that the dog and child need to be removed from this house. Maybe this dog does need immediately attention and care. Don’t just leave the dog in this home. The dog needs to be checked out by a Vet before it is too late. The authorities need to take this more serious. Don’t blow this off — the dog may really be in serious condition.

  6. Glad the boy was taken away. Now someone close give the authorities 24 hours. If they do not act get that dog out of there. If she gets in the make her medical issue fell out a window head first.

  7. Confined with no food or water for a week is Animal Cruelty. This needs to be reported to the police … who are required by law to report it to the FBI … who will investigate this. If the FLA police do not report it to the FBI … then they are in violation of the law and need to be reported to the FBI too.

  8. Too many people get these big dogs without realizing they need a lot of food and exercise. Then the poor things wind up malnourished because they’re not getting the proper amount of food. A ten-year-old is old enough to know what is going on. That dog needs to be taken away.

  9. I’m surprised he didn’t give her something to eat…. Knowing she hadn’t eaten? breaks my heart for Alaska and for the child who has to witness this?

  10. The boy tried to save his dog…why isn’t somebody trying harder to save the dog and not let down a young boy who is likely to have a huge loss of faith in the people who are supposed to help!

  11. I wish they had a normal FB page, I find the page they have set up to be confusing, so I don’t and won’t be sharing it. The child said Alaska had not been fed, now he’s not there, he must be so worried about her, if he’s the only reason the mother was feeding her in the first place, now there’s no one to make her get food.

  12. Again we are letting this poor animal down . What the hell is wrong with these people the dog is being abused damn it ! Do your job and save him

  13. Why do people think it is okay not to feed or water there animals. Would they be able to survive with out the basic necessities of life. It doesnt take much common sense to feed the animals or give them water and excuses will just not cut it anymore.

  14. Save that dog from its abusers, if the owners were’t taking care of their child, you know they aren’t j taking care of the dog

  15. The animal control officer doesn’t know his job. This dog is in danger, the dogs hip bones are very pronounced. The ACO needs to be fired.

  16. OK the kid is 15 yes old…he is responsible too…take the dog out for a walk rather then let the dog crap all over the place…I saw the video on YouTube and stopped within a min…yes the mom was terribly wrong for locking the dog up without food and water and yes the dog needs help bit I’m sure he’s old enuff to do something on his own….rather then complain to grams….call the spa ur self…or take the dog ursself and explain..
    Sickening…no responsibility

  17. REALLY???? What is wrong here…ONE week in a room with NO FOOD or WATER!!!! Come on someone go help that baby really this is ridiculous!!!

  18. So, this GREAT DANE was emaciated and the fact that it was wagging it’s tail and seemed friendly was evidence that there was no neglect. Wow! The dog was probably excited about getting some food! The 10 year old boy knew there was something wrong! So would it suffice to say that the 10 year old boy can make a more educated and astute observation than an adult who works for that animal control? Even if it has digestive problems, the dog should be under treatment of a vet so it avoids becoming malnourished! I pray this dog gets the medical attention it needs.

  19. The dog needs to be removed from the home and never to be returned…that’s what needs to happen. There has to be more than a 10 year old living in this house and NOT see this poor dog in this condition. The adult supervisors should be charged with animal cruelty. It would be nice to get a followup to see what happened with this Great Dane.

  20. Where is the dog? This little boy knew something was wrong and made the effort to have this exposed, authorities get on your butts and do something about it.

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