Dog Cleverly Opens Dog-Proof Container

Yeah right. REALLY dog-proof, huh?

Surprise, surprise – an intelligent Australian shepherd. Meme’s family got a dog-proof container for her food. What they should have looked for was something Meme-proof.

Her family couldn’t figure out how her food was disappearing, so they set up a camera, and this is what they saw…




27 thoughts on “Dog Cleverly Opens Dog-Proof Container

  1. My Bro’s knows how to suss door out even when handles been turned around+he shuts fridge door aftear it’s raided it for meat lol

  2. I have a border collie/lab mix who opens the pantry door and snoops for tasty snacks in there and opens the bathroom door so she can get slippers! ?

  3. Our dog could open lids. My mom thought I was joking until she watched him do it. Had a plastic jar of puppy peanut butter treats between his paws & unscrewed that lid, ripped off the seal & proceeded to eat the whole jar. Those pups are not dumb!

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