Dog Saves Dog from Icy Pond

Thanks to a smart dog who led a neighbor to a frozen pond, a dog who had fallen through thin ice was rescued in time.

On Dec. 30, 2015, Mishka and Senga, two dogs from Maine, were out for an off leash stroll when the unthinkable happened. Mishka fell through thin ice into a frigid pond and almost lost her life. No one saw what happened and no one knew the dogs were in trouble, but thanks to Senga, Mishka is alive today.

Photo credit: New Gloucester Fire Rescue
Photo credit: New Gloucester Fire Rescue

After the unfortunate accident, Senga ran looking for help. The courageous dogs met one of his owner’s neighbors and grabbed the woman’s attention. The distressed dog was behaving odd and distant frantic dog barks convinced the human rescuer something was wrong.

According to a press release by New Gloucester Fire Rescue, Senga led the neighbor to her fur-sister’s location. After the neighbor realized a dog had fallen into the icy pond and was struggling to stay alive authorities were called.

Firefighters wearing cold-water suits found the trapped dog 150 feet off shore. Thanks to them, the smart dog and the quick thinking neighbor, Mishka was rescued and saved.

After getting checked by a veterinarian, Mishka went home to fully recover from the traumatic experience with the help of her caring and watchful sister.

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  1. Living in a small town, we don’t have a dog park, but we have a small pack & a decent backyard so that’s good for our dogs. Living in rural USA you may not have a dog park. Maybe the dogs got out of a fenced area or maybe they don’t have a fenced area. You really don’t know what the circumstance are around this story. I got the impression it was in another country.

  2. Hello, Didn’t know if you have heard yet about a terrible dog killing in small town in NW Indiana. Man who calls himself a “deer farmer,” breeding deer to be sold for “canned hunting” brutally ran down, shot and individually killed 3 pet dogs who had escaped their home fence about a mile away, all while their owner was searching for them and posting on Lost Dogs pages on Facebook for help in locating. His stepson “snapchatted” a photo of their dead bodies. The man removed the dogs collars, which had vet ID info, and told police he burned their bodies. Despite heavy rain making a fire unlikely, police did not investigate any further. Neighbors are fearful of the man, but confirmed to dogs owner that approx. 50 shots were heard. Any help in publicizing this in hopes of thorough investigation and recovering the dogs bodies would be appreciated.

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