Dog Saves Four-year-Old from House Fire

When a sleeping child was trapped inside a burning home, a heroic dog knew just what to do. The pet barked and saved the child’s life.

Four year-old Iván Saúl Silva Alonzo from Monterrey, Mexico, almost died in his sleep when his house caught fire after a fan malfunctioned. The toddler, who was home alone at the time of the accident, was woken up by Rosco a Golden Retriever mix who barked until the child woke up and ran to safety. The dog risked his life, burning 30% of his body, to save the little boy.

Photo credit: Grupo Reforma/YouTube
Photo credit: Grupo Reforma/YouTube

According to Canal 44 Iván and his parents went to a party near their home, but when the child fell asleep they dropped off the sleepy child and went back to the party. While home alone, a fan in the home malfunctioned and the fire started.

Roscoe was tied outside and started barking non-stop sounding off the alarm. Neighbors ran to inform Iván’s parents that their house was on fire. By the time they arrived at the scene, the child was already safe outside the burning home.

Photo credit: Grupo Reforma/YouTube
Photo credit: Grupo Reforma/YouTube

The dog knew the little boy was in danger and broke lose from his tethered to run inside the house and wake up the boy. The Golden Retriever mix barked and barked until Iván woke up and ran outside. Unfortunately, the heroic dog was caught in the flames and as he ran to safety, he singed the right side of his torso and face, burning 30% of his body.

The dog was rushed to a veterinarian where he was cared for. The Silva Alonzo family lost it all in the fire, but not their son. The parents were glad Rosco, now known as Valente (meaning brave), became their son’s hero that night.

79 thoughts on “Dog Saves Four-year-Old from House Fire

  1. What idiot parents leave a 4-year old alone in a house? I don’t care how close to the property you are. Thank God for the dog! The parents should be investigated for leaving a 4-year old alone!

  2. Now they should let their sweet dog sleep in the house with the little boy that he saved and loves.No more tying him up on a chain.he showed his devotion.dogs are family!??

  3. The four year old was home alone? What the H_LL? Parent (s) should be charged with neglect, child abuse , anything….. Dog should get custody of the child…….just saying. Kid has some dumb a__ parents and don’t deserve to keep the child…Four years old and left by itself, unbeliveable!!!!!!!

  4. Who leaves their 4 year old child at home alone? Thank God the dog was there. He’s a better caretaker than the parents, I hope he is in a safe, loving home. I hope the boy is also taken better care of, even if it’s not with the parents.

  5. This dog that was NOT made part of the family by keeping it chained up outside, showed you what it means to be a family and risked its own life to rescue a child inside a burning home. This dog not needs to be treated with the utmost love and devotion and nothing less.

  6. The child should never have been left alone and for this poor dog who is a hero, he needs a home where he can be loved and appreciated – not tied outside! My dogs live inside with me and I would never have it any other way!

  7. These so-called parents ought to be prosecuted. Leaving a four year old child home alone for any reason is criminal. I don’t care that it’s Mexico. Irresponsible is irresponsible EVERYWHERE.

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