Driver Shoves Dog Out of Car and Abandons Him On the Road

Police are looking for a runaway driver who abandoned a dog in the middle of a road. The pooch was hit by another vehicle while chasing after his owner.

On Jan. 18, 2016, commuters on Jerusalem Hollow Road in Moriches, New York, witnessed how a person driving an older model green Jeep Grand Cherokee opened the passenger-side door, pushed a dog out the vehicle and drove away. The tan-and-white mix ran after his owner but in the process got hit by another vehicle.

Photo credit: Suffolk County SPCA/Facebook
Photo credit: Suffolk County SPCA/Facebook

After getting shoved out of the vehicle the dog ran to the driver’s side and tried to get back in but the driver pushed him away. The pet owner drove away as the homeless and scared animal chased the car down the road. Unfortunately he was hit by another driver heading in the opposite direction.

Roy Gross, Chief of the Suffolk County SPCA said the abandoned pooch incredibly only suffered minor bruises. He is now under their care and police are looking for the animal abuser.

There’s a $2000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the green Jeep Grand Cherokee’s driver.

If you know who this dog belongs to or who was behind the wheel, please call the Suffolk County SPCA at 631-382-7722. All calls will be kept confidential

234 thoughts on “Driver Shoves Dog Out of Car and Abandons Him On the Road

  1. This happened close to my home. I’m glad the dog is safe now & NO major injuries. He WILL go to a loving home he sure deserves.

  2. On Christmas Day this baby was pushed out of a moving car on a highway. Now he is living with a loving family where he won’t have to worry about being abandoned or hurt again. Although it was a terrible experience, I’m sure it was the best thing to happen to him because he’ll be happy the rest of his furry life. Sweet Charlie had an amazing impact on my life in just a few days ?❤️

  3. What is wrong with people? If you decide to get rid of your pet (which I don’t understand how anyone can do that), why can’t you be a decent human being and at least take it to a no kill shelter? That’s okay, karma is a bitch and will come back to bite them.

  4. Horrible….I witnessed something similar years ago…some asshole stopped at a main intersection with lot of traffic comming from every direction…to let a tiny chihuahua scared to death out of the car and leave it in the median!! Lucky baby dog was rescued from some vet techs across the street …I was in wrong lane of traffic to be able to grab the poor dog…also in fear because it was scared enough to run right into the traffic..

  5. When this person gets old lets hope that the lesson they taught their children comes back on them and then they’ll know how it feels to be dumped.


  7. I am glad that the dog did not get injured. Now I hope the person that showed the dog out of the car will be found, and gets showed off a cliff.

  8. Ohw that is so sad! The dog going after the owner, and then getting hit…. but I’m glad he is save now and hopefully he finds a home that appreciates and deserves the complete love and loyalty of a dog! Bless you little one!

  9. What a vicious nasty person. Note to this person: Please surrender your dog properly if you don’t want him. Safer for the dog –and glad at least he will finally be rid of someone like you. Sad sad sad We dog lovers will treat him like a king!

  10. Oh I hate this monster! Poor doggie…may he heal 150% and find a loving, fur ever home. For the POS dumper: I will find you, beat you senseless with a spiked bat, and that won’t be all…. better to just turn yourself in. May you serve jail time where every doggie lover makes you their new best friend.

  11. The same people will probably go out & get another dog & do the same thing. If they would put this on the media those owners will be caught!!

  12. Karma is coming for you, you sick bastard. The guy is evil …and the dog still tried to get back to him. How unconditional is that love?

  13. throw away dogs. I remember someone insisting once that we do that with our dog. It was a long time ago but I see times haven’t really changed.

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