Little Boy Has the Most Tear-Jerking Reunion with His Missing Dog

“Kase? Kase! Oh, Kase, I missed you,” he sobbed.


1.21.16 - Little Boy Has Tear-Jerking Reunion with Missing Dog3


Shortly before Christmas, a little boy’s beloved dog, Kase, went missing.  He and his family searched the neighborhood for him, but couldn’t find him.  Recently his mom did, and the reunion he has with Kase will completely melt your heart.

Paula Williams of Lubbock, Texas, was devastated for her son, who was dearly missing his dog.  About a month later, she saw Kase at a neighbor’s home.  She asked them to give him back, and discovered that they had been caring for him since he had gotten loose.

“He was found right down the street from our house. A nice family had taken him in and kept him warm and fed,” she said on Facebook.

When Paula arrived to pick up her son from his grandma’s house, she had the best surprise ever.





82 thoughts on “Little Boy Has the Most Tear-Jerking Reunion with His Missing Dog

  1. Oh my gosh ? this is just beautiful X I’m so pleased they found eachother as the love between them is obviously so strong X

  2. No need to get your panties in a wad ms. critics………just stating an opinion and you can take your own advice! Don’t like it……don’t comment.

  3. My first dog came from battersea dogs home I was five .he pased away from old age when I was 16 .I loved that dog.little boy I am so happy for you .iam 68 now. Xx

  4. I remember i cried a lot when i found out my dog was missing. He was taking a visit to neigboors houses. I was too scared to loose my best friend!

  5. Found down the street while visiting a neighbor; a neighbor had taken the dog in. Why not post ‘lost dog’ signs or the neighbor post ‘found dog’ signs? Glad the boy got his dog back, but something is amiss.

  6. wow, this is why you get to know your neighbor’s dog….be kind, watch over your neighbors and their pets, you will have a great neighborhood. what a good kid, he knows love.

  7. That was very sweet. When I was a kid my dog got out and we searched all over the neighborhood. It was getting late and my mom made us come back inside so we could go to bed. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much. The next day I woke up to my dog in my bed. Turns out she had come home and curled up in front of the garage, because she couldn’t get into the house. My mom had found her that morning. I had the same reaction as this child. So very sweet.

  8. Life with dogs, why do you have shitty pop up traps in your content? I want to see your content, but I can’t do it when I’m forced to click through to some random site to claim my iPhone 6. Are your just trying to annoy your fans?

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