PLEASE HELP: Information on Dog Found in Trash Compactor Needed

After the trash compactor at the apartment complex that Troy Kennon works at malfunctioned, an inspection reveals a dog in a cage was the reason.

1.18.16 - compactor dog

In Louisville, Kentucky at the Veranda at Norton Commons apartments, animal services came cross a report of a dog found in the trash compactor.  The dog had a few scrapes and bruises, but otherwise was in good health.  The Metro Animal Services of Louisville is now seeking help in finding the dog’s humans, or the people responsible for putting the dog in there.

The dog was discovered by a maintenance worker at the apartments.  He went to turn on the trash compactor, but it wouldn’t start up.  Upon inspection of the compactor, Troy Kennon said that he saw a dog cage that appeared to be empty.  He soon realized that it wasn’t, when the dog poked his head out.

Kennon knew it wasn’t one of the dogs that belongs with any of the people living in the complex.  He’s worked there for a while, and says that he’s familiar with all of the dogs living there.  This was one he’d never seen before.

Leslie Hawk with Metro Animal Services of Louisville says the search for the dog’s humans is now on.  He didn’t have a microchip on him when he was brought into their shelter, nor any identification tags.  So as for now, it’s unknown if the dog is missing, had been stolen, or (hopefully not) was put into the compactor by his family on purpose.

He is described as a Jack Russell or beagle terrier mix.  Anyone with information on the identity of the dog or his humans is asked to call Metro Animal Services of Louisville, Kentucky at 502-473-7387.  The facility is located at 3705 Manslick Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40215 and also at 3516 Newburg Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40205.  You can also visit the animal services website at

80 thoughts on “PLEASE HELP: Information on Dog Found in Trash Compactor Needed

  1. There will be No Mercy for those who have not shown Mercy to others and that includes animals. But if you have been Merciful, God Will be Merciful when he judges you. – James 2:13

  2. This is so stupid. If I ever run up on somebody treating a poor pup like this. It’s going to be a very bad day for them they will see how it feels.

  3. This makes me soooooo mad…. what the hell is wrong with people? Dogs are one of the most loving creatures in this world

  4. The human race is becoming more and more evil every day. May karma come quickly to the low-life, POS, scumbags who did this.

  5. Who on earth does something like this ?? I have four dogs and each one means the world to me ,, that’s why this makes me so angry but more so very sad . Thank goodness this little fur baby was found and can now lead a life he deserves to live xx

  6. I the the reason why someone would do this to an animal is because they are mentally ill We have to keep fighting for stronger laws and harsh punishments to be animal abusers.

  7. Poor dog,this really fucking pissess me off,please god he will get a good home much love sharon and my dog beau <3 <3 xx. If anyone hurt me baby ,i would have no problem doing time for them!!!!!

  8. When they are found…………..I hope to God the justice system does the right thing. They need to either throw them in a trash compactor or shoot them….either would be fine, but do NOT do nothing. This poor dog at the hands of worthless scumbags…..they have no use to society if this is how they treat an animal, just imagine what they are capable of. FRY THEIR ASS!

  9. Living things are not trash nor should they be treated a such. I will never understand what happened to treating “others” as you would want to be treated.

  10. Bad thing to do get rid of a dog no more wanted just throw him or her in an apartment compactor 🙁 How uncaring thing to do to a poor little dog who just needs to have a loving home as all dogs do. He was inside a cage and thrown in there that way. How cruel was 🙁 I am so angry at these type of people who first want a dog and then when they no longer like the dog just get rid of the dog the easy way put him in a cage and throw him in a trash compactor in your apartment building. I sure hope the person who did this would be found soon and charged for that evil act. That person should never again be allowed to have a dog ever and if found charged with animal abuse and put in jail and throw away the key. I am just feeling very angry at these evil people that I really would love to see them rot in jail for this type of cruelty.

  11. Why not just release the dog and let him find a new life rather do such an evil thing? So cruel to animals, not even afraid of Karma!

  12. Screw the justice systems. They seem to fail these babies all the time. I ever see someone hurting a dog, vigilante justice will preside!

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