“Prince” William the Dog Did Not Have A Royal Beginning

William’s previous owner had no idea how to care for him, their inexperience almost cost William his life.

It is hard to believe that the life of Prince William the dog did not always involve launching on couches, playing with toys, eating good meals and playing with his fur-bother Harry. Just a year ago, the Lurcher dog was handed to an RSPCA center in England by his previous owners weighing just 7 lbs.

William when surrendered. Photo credit: Express News
William when surrendered. Photo credit: Express News

Christopher Rushton and Kirsty Halesm admitted they had no experience as dog owners since they had never own a pet, but nevertheless, the 37- and 29-year-old first-time pet owners bought William online and drove him to his malnourished state.

Not knowing how much to feed the dog or how to care for the pet, William was surrendered unable to stand on his own and with every bone on his body visibly showing. What’s worse, the dog lay in his own urine and feces.

William when surrendered. Photo credit: Express News
William when surrendered. Photo credit: Express News

The couple surrendered the pet saying they had found him on the side of a road, but after an investigation, Rushton and Halesm were identified as the pet’s owners and faced animal abuse charges. A judge found the inexperienced dog owners guilty, and sentenced them to a life-time ban of pet ownership, 12-week prison sentences, 12 months suspensions, 35 hours of unpaid work and each had to pay more than $2,500 in fines.

William today. Photo credit: Express News
William today. Photo credit: Express News

According to Express News William found his loving forever home with RSPCA press officer Rachel Butler and her partner Chris Mallett. At his new home, the prince dog met his fur-sibling named Harry and is currently being nursed back to health.

Today, William weights a 30 lbs. and lives the life of a true Prince. He continues his road to recovery and is expected to live a royal life.

43 thoughts on ““Prince” William the Dog Did Not Have A Royal Beginning

  1. What a couple of idiots. They know how to eat. You buy dog food and feed your pet. Ya dumb asses. Thank god they didn’t have children. Poor excuse. Food and water. Glad he is in a new home and doing well. Glad the judge banned them from ever owning another pet.

  2. Wow! it’s hard to believe people can be that dense! Common sense is all it takes. how many times does a person eat pre day?? and do we eat till we’re full? Really first time owners can’t use that as an excuse. That’s just a down right out don’t give a Sh^* attitude. poor little thing.

  3. They had no idea how to care for him? How about giving him something to eat! Even a 2 year old toddler playing with a doll offers it a bottle. Omg this pisses me off so bad I can’t even…..Arrgghh!!! I just want to punch them so bad!

  4. The dont know how much to feed the dog !!!!!!!!???????? This is completly bulls***t ! A couple of hypocrites ! makes me sick !

  5. His previous owners did not know how to care for him?? What!! Are they morons, all they had to do was feed him for heavens sake!!

  6. You may not know how to care for an animal but you know it’s not right when it’s too weak to stand. Poor pup – at least we can be grateful that they surrendered him to a shelter, rather than abandoning him in a woods or something, where he surely would have died. Wishing you a long and happy life, beautiful boy!

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  8. What a pathetic pair of total pieces of CRAP! They should be put through the same ordeal on a monthly basis to NEVER FORGET! Thank goodness the judge saw fit to punish & convict them – not enough but at least a step in the right direction. Brave William, I apologize you had to endure these excuses of human life, I wish for you bundles of happiness, bags of tasty treats & a loving forever home – you deserve it all <3 <3 <3

  9. I’m glad to hear of the punishment that the judge havded to Prince William’s former owners and also happy to see that Prince is finally in a loving home.

  10. Why would they get a dog if they didn’t know how to care for it.A five year old knows that an animal has to be fed…idiots!

  11. there is no excuse to starve an animal so the owner must be sick in the head as every body knows we all have to EAT to survive , glad he is safe now from people like that

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