Animal Friends and Their Silly Ways

Sometimes in life, you just gotta be your weird self!

There simply is NO doubt whatsoever, animals love to make us laugh.  Doesn’t matter if it’s for attention, or for the hope of a tasty treat, or even just because they KNOW it’s funny, everyone has a WEIRD side.  Do you have a silly dog?  Share them with us on our Facebook page, or right below in the comments.  We LOVE to hear about your silly animal friends!



6 thoughts on “Animal Friends and Their Silly Ways

  1. This is daughter put sunglasses on and he just posed for pics…and didn’t want her to take them off. He’s so cool.

  2. My four furbabies enjoy swimming in the lagoon but on this day there was an octopus in the water. My dogs went crazy barking until one fell into the water. He swam so fast to get out of the water and started barking at me and running to the water’s edge and barking at the water. He had this quizzical look on his face.

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