Dog Argues with Owner Because She WANTS to Go to Bed

Poor Amber… she must not have been hugged enough as a puppy. Well, she’s certainly making up for it now!

By now we’ve probably all seen a video or twelve of a dog who argues with their human about having to go to bed. But this girl is different – she actually wants to! Of course, how can you deny a dog when all she wants to do is snuggle with you?




50 thoughts on “Dog Argues with Owner Because She WANTS to Go to Bed

  1. Don’t know how we’re supposed to understand that the dog wanted to go to bed. No bed mentioned or seen. Someone’s grabbing at straws here. Disappointed.

  2. That was my Scottie. She’d pout, growl, whine, and give me dirty looks if I didn’t go to bed when *she* wanted to go to bed. 😉

  3. its the routine that Amber is used to going to bed at the same time every night.Only her human wants to stay up a little later

  4. My little dog Scrappy is bugging me right now, she knows it’s almost time for me to turn off the TV, the lights and she will wait by the bedside until I tell her , “OK”. and she jumps right in….

  5. My Yorkie stands in the hall and waits until somebody gets up and he follows them to the bedroom. If nobody does, he jumps from lap to lap and back to the hall until somebody finally gives up.

  6. Obviously we’re seeing the door to the bedroom behind Amber. ? I guess she can’t go to bed until her owner goes in there.

  7. Find your videos frustrating as you lie about the content. That was the last one I am going to watch.

  8. My Lacey whines/grunts behind me when I’m on the computer too late (11:30pm, 12:30 am) cause she wants me to go to bed so she can get in the bed with me. She doesn’t do that when I’m in the living room and cause she can sleep on the couch.

  9. I think Amber’s mom needs to get her left eye checked about the redness. I usually go in to my bedroom around 7:30 or 8:00 to watch tv and of course my sweet boy dog Simon goes with me. It is such a routine, that if we have company (family) he will get antsy and start pacing from the bedroom to wherever I am as he is ready to go get on the bed but won’t go w/o me. I have to keep telling him it’s okay for him to go get on mommy’s bed and eventually he will go w/o me for a few minutes.

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