Dog Awaiting Surgery Is Abducted from Shelter

Just days before her surgery to remove a mass, Daisy Mae was stolen from the East Bay SPCA animal shelter.

On Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016, Daisy Mae, a two-year-old black and white pit bull mix under the care of the East Bay SPCA was out on a walk when she was stolen right off her handler’s hands. The female dog, who suffers from a mass, was scheduled to have surgery later this week, but now rescuers fear her life is in danger not only for medical reasons but also because the dog snatcher might use her for illegal dog fights.

Daisy Mae. Photo credit: East Bay SPCA
Daisy Mae. Photo credit: East Bay SPCA


It was around 10:50 a.m. when Daisy Mae and a shelter volunteer went out for a walk around the SPCA’s Oakland campus. A man believed to be in his 30s wearing a blue shirt and blue and white track pants approached the dog handler. After a short conversation about Daisy Mae, the unidentified man appeared to be leaving but suddenly grabbed the dog and took off running. The thief left the area in a brownish gray sedan.

East Bay SPCA President Allison Lindquist told SF Gate the stolen dog arrived at the shelter as a stray last November. She has very distinctive markings, like the white patch on her neck that extends to her muzzle all the way to her forehead and back of the head. The white marking on her face resembles a one-shouldered evening gown.


Daisy Mae. Photo credit: East Bay SPCA
Daisy Mae. Photo credit: East Bay SPCA

Shelter volunteers say Daisy Mae can be reactive to other dogs and that is why they are very worried for her safety.

“[We] would appreciate any tips if anyone has seen her,” Lindquist said.

Anyone with information can call (510) 563-4603.

40 thoughts on “Dog Awaiting Surgery Is Abducted from Shelter

  1. ” Do unto others what you want done unto you. ” The guilty criminal who stole this dog in need should be held legally and financially accountable. He is telling society and the justice system what he wants done unto him. Death sentence! ! !

  2. Were there any cameras in the area? Any passerby’s catch anything on their phones? Let’s hope the F _ _ _ _ _ _ dick head has a “friend” who will turn him in. Is there a reward posted? If you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. KARMA….she’s a bitch and she’s coming for you!

    1. That’s a great idea! Investigate this and I am sure you will find a car etc. Let’s call the police station and request an investigation.

  3. You mention the dog is reactive to other dogs. I learned many years ago, to carry pepper spray! after my leashed German Shepherd was attacked by a large loose dog, there was nothing I could do! these two dogs were going to kill each other! out of the blue a police officer came along jumped out of his car and pepper sprayed the other dog to get them apart! I learned that day always carry pepper spray ( I really carry bear spray) it sprays 25 feet away! in this case it might have worked on him!

  4. The thug that took her is probably going to use her for dog fighting. I wish I was there right now. All of us dog lovers need to form a posse!!!

  5. Should we call the oakland police station (not the emergency line of course) and politely request an investigation? Like others have said, there must be video footage somewhere of what happened to this dog. Whoever did this must be stopped.

    He may have thought no one would care about a shelter dog but we care about all dogs like they are our own.

  6. Sorry about th ed last post
    Has there been any news on Daisy Mae? Do the police know of any dog fighting going on? What about the area where she was found?

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