Dog Gets Adopted With Duck Best Friend

They met at the Garland Animal Shelter in Texas, and were adopted out together.

2.1.16 - dog and duckFEAT


No one wants to see a great relationship end.  Well, a dog called Sirence and his duck best buddy called Thing Two don’t have to worry about that.  They’ve been adopted as a pair, and will stay together forever.


2.1.16 - dog and duck2


Staff members at the Garland Animal Shelter in Texas were worried that they wouldn’t be able to leave the shelter together.  All too often, they see animals come in as a pair, or pair up while there.  However, their “ultimate goal” of seeing them leave together as well is a rare achievement, indeed.



As luck would have it for these two, the right forever family came in to the Garland Animal Shelter, and they get to leave together, as best buddies and brothers from another mother!  Although the volunteers at the shelter were sad to them go, they were happy to know they’d be together.

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  2. Nice story but the shelter worker in the video says they came into the shelter together as a bonded pair while your write up says they met at the shelter. I wish your writers did a better job.

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