Dog That Rescued Family from Fire is Rescued From “Death Row” Shelter

Snickers saved her former family from an RV fire, but they couldn’t take her with them when they had to move. Now, she has new forever family.

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Snickers the dog was a real hero, even though she wasn’t exactly treated like one.  The one-year-old shar pei mix saved her family from a burning RV last August, but after her family was forced to move, they were unable to take her with them.

After a very tearful goodbye, Snickers was placed at the Glen Rose Animal Shelter in Texas.  The shelter is not a no-kill shelter.  Due to there being very little interest in her becoming a permanent part of someone’s family, she was facing being put down.

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The staff at the shelter didn’t think that it was fair, this hero dog facing a horrible situation like she was.  They put p Snicker’s story on social media websites, and the story went quickly viral.  It wasn’t long after that, when a couple came in to adopt her.

Snickers now has a forever family, and she will get to stay in Texas.  She’ll have a ten-year-old little girl to play with and her new family promises to take care of her and keep her happy for the rest of her life.

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51 thoughts on “Dog That Rescued Family from Fire is Rescued From “Death Row” Shelter

  1. Sad her family couldn’t keep her, but they could have done a better job of where they placed her. A shelter that will put down animals was a bad choice and surely there was a better one somewhere in Texas.

    1. Most of the shelters in Texas are extremely high kill, maybe the highest in the US. There are over 1.5 million stray and homeless dogs in Dallas alone.

  2. That’s great for her that she was saved.
    Not great is all of the poor dogs,cats and other animals that are killed every year because nobody wants them.
    People need to adopt these animals from the shelters for their pets. Stop buying animals from breeders and get your animal spayed or nurtured.
    Everyone can help stop the carnage that is happening by being unwanted.

    1. Ppl, and I mean EVERYONE who gets an animal needs to spay/neuter. Millions of very adoptable animals are murdered ea year only due to lack of a home.
      What does that say about us?… that we lack any compassion#

  3. I could NEVER throw away one of my fur babies BUT I sure as HELL wouldn’t EVER get rid of a dog that SAVED my life. That is a debt that can never be repaid ith any amount of dog treats. They owe that dog they’re lives !

  4. I don’t understand their circumstances! Pets are for life-they are living animals that form bonds and if you can’t love and nurture them, till death do you part….DON’T get one!!!

  5. she should have never ended up in a kill shelter…they owed her…much much more than that…sorry….they could have found her a home….. If You Love Me, Put a Leash On Me I would NEVER leave my dog in a kill shelter…….i’d be on the street first with her before that would ever happen.

  6. Well maybe they could not take the dog with them AFTER she saved them from death by fire..BUT they sure could of gave her to a NO KILL RESCUE thank god the workers went to bat for her and shame one the selfish former owners

  7. The people that have a dog knowing they can’t have one and when they get a situation like this where the dog saves their lives and they have to get rid of the hero dog after that amazes me, seriously! don’t get a dog if you are living precariously, because if things get worse then the poor dog ends homeless…

  8. If a dog saved my life, no way would I get rid of it, had they got rid of it earlier, for any reason ,they wouldn’t have been here today.

  9. Ok, so did any of you see the story on the news? Did you see they were not able to keep her because they were LIVING IN THE RV THAT BURNED?? Don’t know if they had any other transportation but, if they didn’t and we’re forced to lived in temporary housing/shelter that didn’t allow animals and that animal shelter was the only one near them, why is everyone bashing them like they took Snickers to a kill shelter on “purpose”?? I’d be hard pressed to ever let go of any one of my babies, however, we (not one of you) was in their shoes or had to make such a decision.

    Yes, it’s sad and heartbreaking but DAMN people, not everyone can do the best all the time, some have to do the best they can in the moment.

  10. Why can a family do that to their hero dog??? I don’t understand!!!! Poor fur baby, I hope someone can keep her for real and good.

  11. I would live on the street before I would give up my Dog. You don’t put family in a shelter no matter how bad your life is, your pet is your life and you there’s

  12. She should have never been on death row! None of them should be. I’m so happy that she was saved. The family should never have let this happen. She deserved so much more. Shame on the family she saved. Love that she is out ❤️?

  13. The dog saves their lives from a fire and these people send the dog to a kill shelter. WTF is wrong with them. I get it if they absolutely had no other choice but they maybe could of tried to figure out something better than this shelter. They may not be alive if not for this dog!

  14. How do you do this to your dog? Especially one that saved your life? Dogs are family! People are so messed up …I’m so glad someone rescued this dog right back!

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