Dog Thwarts Man Trying to Sexually Assault Child

While being sexually assaulted by a man, a young girl called for her dog, who came running to her side, biting her attacker until she could get away.

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The Southeast Missourian is reporting that a man that has been arrested for sexually assaulting a child was stopped by the victim’s dog.  Thanks to the dog coming to her aid and biting her assailant, she was able to get away from her attacker.

According to the news report, Richie Dock, 55, of Oran, Missouri has been arrested for an attack on a girl younger than 14.  He’s reported as having inappropriately touching the girl and exposing himself, and faces quite a few charges.

The incident took place February 4th near Dock’s apartment.  During his assault of the young girl, she had called for her dog for help.  The dog did come running to her side, and managed to bite Dock in the process.  The dog is reported to have continued to go after Dock until the girl was able to get away.

Dock was since picked up by police in Missouri, and faces a number of sexually oriented charges.  Some of them include felony sexual abuse, sodomy and felonious restraint.  The investigation into Dock’s actions are listed as ongoing, and there may be other charges as well.

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  2. What type of dog it was a pitbull and get the credit whatever type of dog he’s get the credits for saving his owner’s life come on we need more information not just this little information put more on we all care we all love we all love our dogs we love her children

  3. Yet another excellent example of why we should never have blanket laws that discriminate against dogs who bite. Dogs always have a reason for their behaviors (fear, bad owners, lack of training, protective of their humans)… no dog should ever have their life endangered because one bite makes them all bad in the eyes of a bad law.

  4. I’m just glad they’re not blaming it on a pit in this story for the public. Maybe some are trying to help the pit breeds image which would be nice for a change.

  5. i hope it wasn’t a tiny dog that just kept nipping and nipping so he finally had to swing at it, thereby giving the girl a chance to get away. that would, of course, be great BUT i hope it was a great big dog who took a great big bite out of this piece of filth. but that’s just me

  6. a shame the dog didnt rip the putrid filthy dirty old fucker apart but then hopefully someone will do the job properly kill the fucker

  7. Buy that dog a steak! He needs to be sleeping in bed with that little girl. No matter what her age she will always be her parents little girl. But she will never forget what she went through. I hope he gets put in a cell with sounds of dogs growling and barking and snapping 24 hours a day. Oh, feed him from a pan on the floor. Shock collar ?!

  8. I bet this guy is a repeat offender. He should have never been out of prison. The system hands out ridiculously long sentences to non violent offenders, but lets rapists, kiddie fiddlers, and murderers off with sentences under 10 years. It’s absurd.

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