Man Pays Hundreds Out-of-Pocket to Help Abandoned Dog

“So, I asked him if I could take him to my vet first and see if that’s true. Because if there was nothing terminal, I wanted to do whatever we could to save him,” said Clark.

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Adam Clark of the Pinellas Park, Florida area is a real hero.  When he came across an emaciated dog that had been dumped off in front of his place of business, he didn’t hesitate in getting help for the dog.  He took the dog to a local animal hospital, and spend hundreds of dollars right then and there for the dog’s care.  Now, he’s asking for your help in continuing the dog’s care, and finding him a forever home.

The male bulldog that was found, now called Andray, is estimated to be somewhere around five to seven years old, and was found by Clark in front of a business in the 3900th block of 118th Avenue N.  When Clark found Andray, the poos dog is really in bad shape.

According to the police reports, Andray had irritated skin all over his body, an eye that was crusted over with some kind of discharge, overgrown toenails and chain or collar marks around his neck.  The poor creature was freezing cold, and looked as if it had been quite a long time since he had seen a meal.

It’s believed that Andray was abandoned sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.  When Clark came across Andray, he simply could not just walk past a dog in that state.  He called animal control officers to come and get Andray, but Clark was worried that they wouldn’t really try to help him.  He thought that Andray would simply be seen as a lost cause.

“They pretty much said that they were going to, there was no hope for him and they were just going to put him down,” Clark said.  “So, I asked him if I could take him to my vet first and see if that’s true. Because if there was nothing terminal, I wanted to do whatever we could to save him.”

Clark took Andray to the Midway Animal Hospital, where vets said that despite Andray being in really rough shape, he very well could make a full recovery.  The vets and staff at the animal hospital agreed to work with Clark to help out Andray.  Clark has already paid several hundred dollars towards Andray’s care, but he just can’t foot the bill by himself.

A page has been set up for Andray.  You can visit the site for more information, and to donate by clicking here.  If you can, please consider donating to this very worthy cause.  The police are still investigating how Andray got into the situation he is in, and are also asking for any information anyone may have on Andray.  They can be reached by phone at 727-541-0758, or you can click here to be taken to their website.

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82 thoughts on “Man Pays Hundreds Out-of-Pocket to Help Abandoned Dog

  1. Good men are kind to animals. Thank you, Adam Clark, for saving this beautiful dog and getting the care he so needed. I hope he finds his forever loving home.


  3. I think dog shelter’s would see more unwanted dog’s if people didn’t have to pay they dump the dogs & cat’s..prob thinking they will get picked up and make it there anyway’s..the attitude is..”why spend money on something we didn’t want in the first place”..

    1. @Shar, so who should pay the adoption fees? How do you think shelters exist? High kill shelters are the ones who get all the money because they are funded by local government. No-Kill shelters operate on a shoestring budget. They exist solely on adoption fees, donations, fundraisers and proceeds from anyone naming them in their Will. Last year alone, our no-kill shelter spent in excess of $20,000 in medical fees alone and we get a substantial discount! Please think about what goes on. Perhaps you may want to consider volunteering your time at your local shelter to truly understand how it works, rather than just complaining on a blog.


    2. billyjoe, while you are entitled to your opinion, in this instance, you are pitiful. How would you like to be treated this way? This poor boy is a living, breathing, sentient being who deserves all the love and respect humans get. Any other thought about this situation is just an excuse for you to incite this blog with negativity. Try getting out of your momma’s basement and experience life by way of animal shelters. Try getting off your soapbox and contribute to life for a change.

  4. You will find the dog was owned by a black person. In case you are looking it just cuts down the search area for these abused and abandoned animals owners. Same with criminal behavior like theft, etc. Its always the same kind of dog. Prove me wrong I am open to comments.

  5. I Love you Adam Clark !!!! With all my heart and spirit … thank you for your kindness. How blessed the universe is to have you gracing our path….Sending you love and support. THANK YOU FOR SEEING SOMETHING and DOING SOMETHING. Hooker & Stripper want to thank you too!

  6. God Bless you! I wish everyone cared like you. God made us above all animals & we are supposed to be there caretakers. You understand this & I wish everyone could. You, kind Sir, are a hero!??

  7. God bless you ??. I rescued a puppy 7month ago. She was in really bad conditions and she was only 6 weeks. After all I decided to keep her. It feels really good when you save a life (in this case a dog). They don’t deserve how some bad people treat them. Thank you for giving him a chance to live. I hope you can find a home for him. ❤️☺️

  8. Please I would love to own him. Are you guys willing to sell this poor dog. I own a blue pit bull. I love my dog with passion and I don’t mind taking this one in. Please if you can leave information of how I can adopt this dog and give him a good home here in the Pacific Islands.

  9. You are a hero, and this dog will love you forever for your kindness. Start a go fund me page with the photo and story and share on facebook, have friends share and the costs will get covered for his care

  10. May God bless you even more Adam Clark for a very heroic deed. Hope the dear one finds a home and a family that cares so much…just like you do.

  11. Thank you Sir, for not turning away and for helping this pooch who ended up in this situation due to human neglect, ignorance and just downright selfishness.

    ‘The purity of a persons heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals.’
    Remember this then next time you meet someone.

  12. You sir are a wonderful human being. Thank you for taking the time, money and showing the compassion to help this pooor guy. Glad he is recovering, and hopefully will find a good home soon. I sincerly hope karma rewards you for you generosity, and kindness.

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