Miranda Lambert Opens an Animal Sanctuary

Now dubbed Redemption Ranch, it can claim the no-kill status, which is a 180 from where it was a couple of years ago – barbarically gassing dogs to death.

2.11.16 - Miranda Lambert Buys an Animal Sanctuary1


This is not the first time Miranda Lambert has been featured in a story on our site, and with this animal lover’s heart of gold, it probably won’t be the last.  Part of this story isn’t new – that she opened a no-kill animal shelter – but her foundation also recently donated $175,000 to animal shelters across the country.

“Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a person adopt a shelter dog,” Lambert told Rolling Stone Country last year. “The looks on both of their faces — the dog and the person — when you see that match happen, it just brings me so much joy.”


2.11.16 - Miranda Lambert Buys an Animal Sanctuary5

Last November, the country music star opened a five-acre animal shelter called Redemption Ranch.  (I just found out about it, and I’m sure this is news to some of you, too.)  Her MuttNation Foundation  took over the Tishomingo, Oklahoma shelter and revitalized it.  Now dubbed Redemption Ranch, it can claim the no-kill status, which is a 180 from where it was a couple of years ago – barbarically gassing dogs to death.  There are much larger kennels, better fencing, a nursery, and an intensive care unit.

Lambert and her mom, Bev, founded MuttNation in 2007 to raise money for medical care, shelter, and adoption of animals worldwide.  Since it was launched, over $1.5 million has been raised for animals’ treatments, food, puppy mill rescues, service dog training, education programs, spay and neuter initiatives, and legislative changes.


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“What I like about it is that my mom and I have control. It’s a very small board. It’s five girls and we know where every dime goes,” she explained.

The singer has a menagerie of rescue animals herself – dogs, cats, pigs, horses, mini horses, and chickens.  She has found a number of abandoned animals, and has helped them (and many others) get homes.


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“When an animal finds a forever home, it’s not just life-changing for the animal, but for the family that gets to receive the unconditional love that animals give,” Lambert said. “It means so much to me to be a part of that process.”

In January, MuttNation Foundation was able to donate $175,000 as part of its annual Mutts Across America:  50 States/50 Shelters campaign.  Shelters are selected based on criteria like high adoption rates, volunteerism, strong community presence, spay/neuter programs, and monetary responsibility.


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“We feel so privileged to be able to continue supporting these shelters that truly stand out,” Bev Lambert said. “We salute all of the individuals who follow their passion to help animals and defend those who cannot defend themselves.”

If you would like to donate to MuttNation Foundation, please click here.


2.11.16 - Miranda Lambert Buys an Animal Sanctuary2

138 thoughts on “Miranda Lambert Opens an Animal Sanctuary

  1. I have a problem with her hypocrisy. She is an avid hunter. Save one species while she murders another? Hmm. Maybe she can learn to love and respect all animals and not just some.

  2. Very nice Miranda. A Shelter Friend in Bladen County, NC also does great work, pulls dogs weekly without much support. I got my hound mix from them 5 yrs ago, please check out thier page. Thanks.

  3. Miranda .. I dont know you as you dont know me .. You have the money to do many things .. And you choosing to take some of your money to do this . .. Makes me want to know you just for this .. I have been an animal apreciater since .. Well my mom says an infant lol .. I say everyday if i win the lottery to make a difference i am opening an animal sanctiary for all the sweet furry beings that need love and support and im NEVER giving up on my wish and now making little .. I take every moment to show hope and love to the best species as they give us more than we can ever .. My hope is to just take every moment to stop the cruelty to animals .. Long message long .. ;))
    Thank you for showing me theres people that care ❤️?..

  4. I knew there was a reason I love Miranda (besides her awesome musical talent)! God Bless you for giving so much to God’s most perfect creations!

  5. Miranda has saved many animals now and in the future. After reading Mr. Raymond’s comment on this site, I have to make a statement about hunting. I could never kill an animal but many people I’ve known have. Most of them were born and raised in farming communities, uncles and close family friends. Every one of them ate or gave away what they killed.

  6. She has done some good things. Helping dogs is a good thing. I love dogs. Yet, if you hunt and kill other animals, how do you rationalize that kind of thinking with saving dogs? People in Thailand eat dogs. They think that is just as acceptable as Miranda hunting and eating a deer. You can’t pick and choose kindness and mercy. If you eat any animal, you have to accept the fact that you are taking the only life of another being for your enjoyment. I say enjoyment and not benefit, because we do not need to eat meat to live.

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