Samson Is on the Road to Recovery After an Amazing Rescue

Samson’s story is an incredible one. Now on the road to recovery, he needs your help to pull through, and to find those responsible for his mistreatment.

Samson was found, dumped in a farmer’s fields out in Kansas.  Now, the wonderful people that have rescued him, and helped him get on the road to recovery, are also looking for help in finding the person or people that are responsible for his mistreatment.  Six months into his ordeal, and he is looking and getting better.  However, there was a lot of damage done to him, and how long he can live is still a mystery.  There are some links you can follow if you’d like to help Samson continue on his road to recovery, and any help is greatly appreciated.

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It’s been 6 months since we saved Samson.  Samson is happy, loved and spoiled, he has a wheelchair that he is learning to use, he has therapy once a week, and is improving everyday!!  Samson has made a huge impact on the community, but the person who did this to him is going to get away with it if someone doesn’t give up information on who did this to him!!

****$500 REWARD****

Found in Moundridge KS
Golden Prairie Rd and 72nd St NW
Found The Morning of August 4th 2015

Meet Samson.  He is a 3 year old Pitbull Terrier.  A farmer was out checking his fields the morning of August 4th, when he spotted a skinny injured dog in one of them.  He instantly went back to the house and got his wife, then contacted K9 Karma Animal Advocates Inc. for help! Jessica of K9 Karma and Amy of Beauties and Beasts got everything needed to get this guy safely out of the mud hole and to the vet!!  It was an hour drive, but they made it.  They met with the farmer’s wife who took them to where Samson was, it was a horrible site!  Jessica went down with treats and a leash and became friends fairly quickly.  She quickly discovered Samson could not use his rear legs!  Amy brought down blankets and towels, and between slinging him and coaxing him with treats, we got him up the hill and loaded into the truck.  He was rushed to the vet immediately!

The vet did Xrays as soon as we arrived, where we discovered Samson had been shot at least 6 times!  Samson was given a 50/50 chance of walking again at that time!  He received pain shots and meds to go home, he was to have kennel rest!  We took him to foster care to rest! Samson has since been in care for 5 weeks.  His eye had been shot out and needed removed.  We also removed a bullet from his nose and his shoulder!  He had been shot in the mouth and broke a tooth as well!

This week we had a CT Scan where we received devastating news.  Samson has 2 bullet fragments that has partially severed his spinal cord! Samson would need a miracle to walk again on his own, but he is getting a Wheelchair Soon!  We are going day by day with Samson.  We are currently able to control his pain with pain medication and laser acupuncture therapy.  He is happy and loved.  K9 Karma will continue paying for his meds and therapy!  We plan to keep him comfortable, loved, and spoiled as long as we can.  Once we can no longer control his pain and he is suffering, we will assist him over the rainbow bridge.  This could be months or years!!!

We are at week 10 now of physical therapy, and he has improved greatly!!!!

Once Samson hit Facebook it spread like crazy!  We eventually started receiving tips about Samson’s past.  Through that we found Samson has an owner that cared and loved for him since he was a pup.  We also found out his real name, Dojo.  His owner fell on hard times and asked a family member to care for him!  Both are aware that Samson has been found and is alive, but neither have asked how the dog is nor have they been helpful with the investigation!

We want to find who did this to Samson and get him some justice!  Halstead Police Department has put up a $500 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved!  You can contact Chief of Police Steve Lewis with the Halstead Police Department with any information!
Call- 316-835-2266
Email- [email protected]
Or message them on Facebook at Halstead Police Department

You can also drop off any donations at:
Sugar Sisters Bakery
917 W Douglas
Wichita, KS 67213

Please Share Samsons Story, Please Help Us Get Him The Love and Justice He Deserves!!!!

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58 thoughts on “Samson Is on the Road to Recovery After an Amazing Rescue

  1. If you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING…. Some one knows who like precious fur baby BELONGED to….They need to be held accountant able for the cruelty inflicted on Samson. If you know who they are and you don’r say something … you are as evil as they are.

  2. I enjoy supporting your feed on FB but recently every time I try to read your posts a spam iPhone add pops up and prevents me from reading. This needs to be fixed immediately. Thanks.

  3. Those people should be treated like they treated that poor helpless animal that nly asks for love and happiness. Please find them and turn them in. They do not deserve to go free. God bless the rescuers!

  4. I just don’t get it, why? Why would you ever do this to a poor precious living creature!!! If you don’t like dogs, don’t have one!!! Don’t abuse them!!!

  5. It’s sooo heartbreaking to know the evil that exists in this world! I pray they are found and the book is thrown at them!!’

  6. I sure hope that the person who did that to this cute dog is soon found and put in jail for life I would like that to be. I hate that some people are evil towards dogs which stand for man’s best friends. Dogs who are loved and live in a loving forever home their owners know how to treat a dog with loving kindness and get that back many times by the dog. Glad that the people who rescued him are trying to get him back on the road to recovery. Bless those people who are are helping these abused dogs to heal and find them a loving forever home.

  7. awwww poor two dog baby boths of so beautiful good dogs baby i awlays i love you god know and god love you bless of them i hope someone take two together new home <3

  8. Congratulations for the caring people, which gave this lovely dog respect and love. ❤️❤️❤️. To the other ones….. The clock is ticking….

  9. Get the P.O.S that did this and rip them to shreds, blind them, burn them & leave them in a tank of septic waste. If you know or have suspicions of who these scumbags are – STAND UP & SPEAK – DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS! Sampson, you precious sweet boy. I wish you all the best on your brave recovery & nothing but love, kindness & safety in all your days to come – you are truly worth it <3

  10. If they don’t find out who did this, the owner and the relative both should be accountable for this poor baby’s situation. As I read, they did not even asked how Dojo was doing or go visit him…….so they are hiding something for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. animal cruelty isn’t anything that cant be cured—-just beat the people responsible with an in of their pathetic lives with a bat . now that’s justice

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