See How Many Officers Help a Petrified Little Dog After a Crash

These officers know what’s up! Dogs are family, and just as important as people, too!


This officer knows that a dog is just as important to someone as a person is, because we all know, dogs are family, too!  Thanks to Things that Matter for sharing the video!

After a terrible car crash on a busy freeway, a frightened dog bolts from the scene. This footage made my heart stop several times, but watch how many police officers come to the scared dog’s rescue. Now THIS is awesome. <3

Posted by Things That Matter on Friday, February 6, 2015


78 thoughts on “See How Many Officers Help a Petrified Little Dog After a Crash

  1. Last year I watched a dog run onto a fwy on ramp in front of me–w my flashers on and flailing my arms out my window, I made others aware of her. A trucker and four other cars kept her from going to the left/fast lanes. Another driver, and his wife grabbed her and put her in my passenger front seat. I was in tears, so were the trucker and other drivers. One of the other drivers adopted her.

    1. It helps to know there are wonderful people left who will risk life and limb to help four-legged companions also.

      Thank you for what you do.

  2. I leave the leash on my dog for this reason even though restrained, and keep a muzzle in the car because you never know if a dog will bite after the stress of an accident; makes it easier for rescuers.

  3. Wonderful work on the part of the patrol officers. I hope people understand from this how dangerous it is to drive with your dog unrestrained in the car. A well designed travel crate should be used for even short trips, which will help keep your baby contained in an accident.

  4. Thank you and God Bless for saving that scared little dog. If you hadn’t caught him he would have been killed. Thank you again you Officers Rock!!!

  5. I thought I was going to have a heart attack, watching those cars zoom past that little bitty dog !!
    He was truly lucky .. thank god for that wonderful CHIP officer !!

  6. Thank God for police officers they are really good people. Thank God for letting the doggie live. That doggie is someone’s baby.

  7. Gods gift to mankind “I never met a dog I didn’t like” wish the same could be said for humans

  8. Absolute heroes! I have seat belt harnesses for both my dogs to keep them safe and avoid being ejected or escaping in case of an accident. Not expensive at all and will save your fur babies!

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