Woman Saves Pet Frozen to the Ground in Public Park

Thanks to a woman walking her own dog in a park, an abandoned dog tied to a tree was saved from freezing to death.

Jennifer Williams was walking her dog in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park yesterday morning when she came across a skinny black dog tied to a tree. The pet had been abandoned long enough that her paws froze to the ground. The woman saved her from freezing to death, and even though the pet has been rescued, her life is not out of the woods yet.

Photo credit: NBC 4 New York

Williams told NBC 4 New York she found the abandoned dog by pure chance. Her own dog broke lose from the leash and led the woman to the discarded lab-pit mix.

“She wouldn’t stand up for me,” said Williams, “so I just wrapped the coat around her and picked her up.”

Photo credit: NBC 4 New York
Photo credit: NBC 4 New York

While carrying her home, the kind woman noticed blood dripping from the dog’s paws and that’s when she realized the pooch had been frozen to the ground.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Windsor Terrace was called to help the injured dog. She was rushed to a veterinarian and it was determined that aside from the paw injuries, the dog also suffers other serious ailments. Vets and rescuers are not sure if she will make a full recovery, but everyone involved hopes she has a fighting spirit and pulls through.

Sean Casey from Sean Casey Animal Rescue comforts the abandoned dog. Photo credit: NBC 4 New York
Sean Casey from Sean Casey Animal Rescue comforts the abandoned dog. Photo credit: NBC 4 New York

Sean Casey says the lab-pit mix is only alive today because Williams found her and reached out for help.

We will be following updates on this story and bringing these to you as they are available.

If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Sean Casey Animal Rescue at (718) 436-5163. You can also connect with them on their website or Facebook page.

179 thoughts on “Woman Saves Pet Frozen to the Ground in Public Park

  1. Poor sweet thing~ hoping she gets loving humans to share her life with from here on out. Thank you for all you do to save animals from cruel humans.

  2. Thank you for helping this poor pup, hopefully the little guy will make it. We have seen worse recover, so keep fighting little one. Life will get better for you.

  3. There is always that element in the human race, that never ceases to disgust me! Fortunately, there are those of us who care.

  4. What kind of sick twisted fuck could do this. There i nothing a dog could do to deserve such a disgusting act. I hope the bastard who did this gets his dick frozen and lobbed off. URGH. Sending so much love and best wishes to the poor cute little pooch xx

  5. omg every time I read about the horrific cruelties inflicted on our helpless pets and farm animals I cringe and soemthing inside me cries and dies. I want to save them all

  6. Thank God for the lady who found this wonderful dog and had him rescued to save his life. Whoever left him like that should have the same thing done to them – tie him to a tree and let him rot there.

  7. SOB’s who did this should be chained to a tree, an eye for an eye. But after that welcome to ur new jail cell. If they survive the first part of punishment.?

  8. I have a idea..if ever that person resonsible to this cruelty, i want to help tie his limbs, to a post on a frozen ground..i will watch you ,slowly feeling numb in your toes..to your legs,and it’ll get gangrenous.you are still tied to a post where people will see you walking by and nobody can save you. Sounds cruel??? You deserve nothing but cruelty.i pray karma is coming your way right now.

  9. I am so upset that I can`t even make a remark on this …. please please find whoever did this and make them wish they had ever done in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. THANK GOD GOD BLESS <3 I lived in Brooklyn and the people in that area usually dump their dogs in Prospect Park it is very sad. The laws should be tough for these scums that abuse/cruelty against animals they will do the same to humans.

  11. My husband always used to say that there is a Special Hell for Certain People who do Terrible things.
    So I will hope that the person who did this to Bindi, suffers for a long time before going to that Special Hell.

    I wrote, she is going through surgery to have a piece of metal removed from her stomach !!! metal ? good god that poor pup.

  12. OMG who could do that to a dog? I wish who ever did that could be tied to a tree and left there to freeze to death. Bastard!

    Thank goodness someone happened along who cares.

  13. Sending positive thoughts for the little guy. I hop they found the A_ _ _ _ _ _ who did this! Tie them up to a tree in the freezing cold.

  14. I can only hope that the lowlife who abandoned this little beauty, is found and also tied up so that her/her feet become frozen to the ground. This baby reminds me of my dog that I had about 10 years ago. They give unconditional love to their owners and what to some get in return? Abuse and abandonment. I really hope this little one pulls through.

  15. Awww! Dear soul. Thank you to her rescuers. May whoever tied her up and left her get the consequence they deserve……one way or another….

  16. And I bet the majority of the people commenting on here support late term and partial birth abortions.

    1. yiddishlion What the heck are you talking about when it come to supporting abortion anyway. You are saying the people on here are supporting late term and partial birth abortions. You are sick and I for one don’t support abortion. I am sure that the people on here are not supporters of abortion either especially if they support animal cruelty and animal suffering. The people on here supporters of life for every living thing for sure.
      Thank you Jennifer Williams for saving and helping this precious little baby pup and thank you for all the work that you do everyday to help all the helpless animals out there. It just makes me sick when I see or hear about dirt bags that do these terrible things to all those innocent dogs and other animals out there. I hope that the person that did that to that poor baby goes to prison and Bubba gets you real good and them some.

  17. What kind of person does this shit to poor defenseless animals? This is sick and disgusting…I really hope whoever did this gets caught….maybe put them out I the cold let their feet freeze to the ground but instead of rescuing them just fucking leave them there to freeze!!! Some ppl just blow my mind!! Than you to the kind ppl who did rescue this poor dog and here’s to hoping he gets adopted by a loving caring family, one who DESERVES him!!! Shame on u for doing this to him!!

  18. you see this over and over, unbelievable! what good does it do to make an animal suffer? all you have to do is take it to a shelter if you are unable to take care of it anymore. at least it will be warm, well fed, and doted on by volunteers while there., all abuse leads to besides medical problems is an unsocialized animal that will probably have to be put down. makes me sick.

  19. I think they should do everything that was done to him to the person who left him tied to the tree .

  20. It’s so hard to put into words how I feel about these kinds of stories. They seem to be on the increase. It just upsets me so much? I so hope this pup makes a full recovery and has a chance to find a loving home. I cant thank the people enough who are dedicated to saving and helping all the abused and abandoned animals out there. God Bless You

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