Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Dog’s Murder

Nazirah Bey said telling her children what happened was devastating, as they loved Honey very much. “It’s not a dog,” she explained in court. “It’s family to us.”

2.24.16 - Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Dog’s Murder1


Usually animal abusers are given minimal sentences which do not curb their behavior, but lately judges seem to really be cracking down on animal cruelty.  Today a New Jersey woman was sentenced to four years in prison for throwing a dog into oncoming traffic, and upon her release will have to do community service with an organization involved with preventing animal cruelty.

In August of 2011, Haniyyah Barnes got into a dispute with neighbor Nazirah Bey over a parking issue, and her anger quickly escalated.  Bey allowed Barnes’ mother to park in her driveway two houses down on their Newark street, and on the 26th of August, Barnes became enraged because Bey’s car was blocking in her mother’s.

Barnes kicked in the front door, and when Honey Bey, a two-year-old Shih Tzu began barking, the enraged woman grabbed her by the throat, went outside and threw her into traffic.  Honey was struck by a vehicle and died.


2.24.16 - Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Dog’s Murder2


A Newark police officer was in a patrol car nearby, and witnessed Barnes hurling the tiny dog into the street.

Bey’s father, Daryl Williams, is still deeply shaken by the incident.  He was ill when this occurred, and says Honey Bey “kept me going.”

“I mean, it hurts, ’cause I don’t have a friend no more,” he said.

Bey said telling her children what happened was devastating, as they loved her very much.


2.24.16 - Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Dog’s Murder5


“It’s not a dog,” Bey explained to the courtroom.  “It’s family to us.”

Superior Court Judge Richard Sules said Barnes showed “callous indifference” to the dog, and said she has an “anger problem which needs to be addressed.”

On October 13th, 2015, a jury convicted her of animal cruelty, theft, and criminal mischief.  Attorney Michelle Treiber said her client had changed and was remorseful.

“I think she has gotten herself together and this was a changing event, a life-changing event for her,” said Treiber.  “This is not something that is ever going to happen again.”


2.24.16 - Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Dog’s Murder3


But Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Michele Miller asserted that Barnes hadn’t changed, and “never took this seriously, always took this as a joke.”

At her sentencing hearing, Miller says Barnes showed no remorse and even stuck her tongue out at Miller and Bey.

Judge Sules sentenced her today to four years in prison for her crimes, with six months of time served.  She must also pay restitution to Bey in the amount of $2,000, and will perform 30 days of community service with an anti-animal cruelty organization upon her release.



656 thoughts on “Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Dog’s Murder

  1. Whoohoooooooo about time! If they will do it to a dog they will do it to their children, IMO! I have been fighting for tougher laws my entire life!! RIP poor puppy!

  2. It’s about time they start using the new law which makes animals cruelty a felony in all 50 states! Maybe if they do some prison time they will stop abusing these animals! This is the first judge I have heard has done this!!

  3. Only four years? Well, it is a good start. Hopefully with a long probation afterwards so that if she screws up she gets put back in jail.

  4. “Animals don’t talk, they can’t tell you what happened. They can’t tell you what hurts, they can’t tell you how it got that way.”
    Animal abuse cases are some of the most difficult to prosecute, but with the help of the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services and the community, the San Diego County District Attorney is giving a voice to the voiceless.
    Learn more and how you can help in this video: http://bit.ly/1LEN7AX

  5. I disagree with the fact that she should have to do her community service in an organization preventing animal cruelty. A judge should have kept her as far away as possible from animals. I hope no organization accepts her. The judge should have banned her from having animals for life.

  6. Glad to hear about time. But I don’t understand the community service. If u rape a women u don’t put that person in a women’s rape center or abuse a child and then have them do community service with children. We’re half way there but I’m glad people are trying to protect our helpless animals better.

  7. Anyone who abuses an animal is the lowest of the low…….. I’m ecstatic to see more and more judges giving stiffer sentences for these criminals – and they ARE criminals. There is absolutely no justification for this – ever.

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  8. I agree with u 100% Stacy Morin she should NEVER be allowed around an innocent animal EVER again!!…and quite honestly I don’t think 4 years is long enough for such a cruel and deliberate act against a defenseless animal! Shame on her!!

  9. Not enough time. She should not be around any animals in future. Disgusting individual. I am so glad the court systems are getting stricter but I’d like to see even harsher sentences. These people are not human.

  10. The point is that she LEARNS the correct way to treat animals under CONTROLLED conditions. Otherwise what is stopping her from getting another dog after getting out and doing the same thing. Our prisons dont do a damn thing about Rehabilitation.

  11. That’s the thing with these cases, each time a judge gives a sentence, it gives the next judges something to compare to, the more each judge increase the sentences the more the next judge can increase and so on. Steps in the right direction that’s for sure.

  12. The only reason she was remorseful, is because she was sentenced to 4 years. I’d like to grab her by the back of the neck and throw her into traffic!

  13. You cannot murder a dog. I agree with the prison sentence, but the article has zero credibility when the author does not know the definition of a word.

  14. Although I am appreciative that she’s not getting off with a minimal sentence, I would have preferred if they had just decided to toss her ass into traffic.

  15. I still don’t think this is long enough, if this is what she’s capable of the next time it could be a human, she should be locked up for good, anyone who kills animals or humans have mental issues and cannot be trusted, she’s just pure evil what she did to this poor dog!

  16. She doesn’t belong in our society, keep this ignorant nut in jail. If she didn’t want her dog, she should of surrendered it to a good animal orginazation.

  17. considering she took that poor dogs life she should of gotten life in prison with out perole. Four yrs is not long enough in my eyes. If I was the judge I would of given her LIFE. And to have her work with animals when she gets out NO WAY should she be allowed to be around animals or be allowed to own any. The punishment should be same as killing a person. It’s still murder.

  18. Good. But she shouldn’t be placed with animals of any kind for any length of time. How about s public toilet cleaner instead?

  19. Animal abusers turn into people abusers. A lot of murderers will think nothing of killing an animal. Sometimes a young child will exhibit this behavior and later go on to kill people.

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