A Shelter Dog Saved This Man’s Life

Eric wasn’t happy with his life. He worked too much, had few friends, was overweight and suffered from Type 2 Diabetes. After a plane incident Eric wanted to change his life. On advice from a nutritionist he adopted a shelter dog named Peety. He wanted someone just like him, fat and middle aged, but wasn’t sure how a dog would help him change his life. On the adoption day, Eric saved Peety’s life, but within just six months, the dog returned the favor. Here’s what happened.

61 thoughts on “A Shelter Dog Saved This Man’s Life

  1. What a beautiful story. I lost my dog on Sept. 20, 2015 in an accident and it just about ruined me, three months later I adopted Lucy. She comes with some background issues. I cannot figure out why she is so anxious, but it definitely could be due to being left at a shelter and abandoned by her family. I only tell this story as she and I walk together every day and we rescue each other. We are a team. I am so happy for this man and how much his dogs have been on a journey with him.

  2. Wow. So beautiful and inspirational. More such people (with identity and other issues) should try this two-way healing solution…

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    Thank ad by post: Eric wanted to change his life and received the best advise ever…adopt a shelter dog. Not sure how a dog would help change his life, Eric took Peety…

  4. Love this picture. Peety you are one amazing dog with an amazing dad. Dogs save us in so many ways every day of our lives. Thank you for sharing this positive encouraging story.

  5. The only thing about loving your dogs so much is that you will outlive many in your life and suffer the heartache over and over and then when you get that last dog and you are way up in age he might outlive you.

  6. This article must be a joke. It is full of the most basic spelling and grammar errors. How can this person have been a journalist for more than 10 years? Even the self description is error-ridden! Are these articles churned out in a factory in India? Sure doesn’t sound like English is this person’s first language.

  7. Crying with all of you out there who has been touched by this true and genuine story. Let’s get the word out: Rescuing is saving lives…it may mean your very own life too!

  8. Your story/tribute to Peety made me tear up. You are one lucky man. But, I think you already knew that! Not just one forever friend, but two!

  9. Very Inspirational story. You both rescued each other! You made Peety’s last days the happiest he has ever
    had and he made your days and future just as bright. So glad you rescued another shelter dog. Peety would have wanted that. I too have a shelter dog and another rescued dog. The first dog got me out of a bad slump and made me more active with our long walks, and now the second dog is doing the same thing.
    It was just meant to be……….Shelter dogs are the best!

  10. What an incredible and beautiful story. So pleased he gave another shelter dog a second chance in memory of Petey. Well done that man!

  11. Absolutely a beautiful story! it takes such a determination to become who he is today!! Awesome Eric!! Dogs are wonderful!!

  12. I hope this story gets more people out there to save shelter dogs. Many languish and die as I volunteer at a city shelter. So many animals are killed and die alone and afraid. A huge heartfelt thanks to that nutritionist for that life-saving piece of advice.

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