An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog

“Hannah was let down by the one person who should have been with her… Even when she was in pain, she still had love to give – she probably even loved her owner.”

3.11.16 - An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog2


Staff members and volunteers at rescue groups and shelters go through more emotional turmoil than most people would realize.  Every day they suffer right along with the animals they devote their lives to, but few of experiences are as heartbreaking as the ones where animals have been made to suffer because of their owners.  A staff member at Hope Rescue in the UK was so devastated by the irremediable condition of Hannah, an emaciated, dying dog, that she wrote an open letter to the monster who remorselessly abandoned her when she needed care the most.

Vanessa Waddon, founder and chair of trustees at Hope Rescue was enraged and heartsick after being forced to say goodbye to a dog that she had only just met, but who will live on in her heart forever.  The sickly, starving German shepherd was found in a back alley and was brought to Hope Rescue, who takes in every stray in the area.

They called her Hannah, and they took her to be treated by a vet.  She was incontinent, had painfully overgrown claws, she was too weak to even stand, and worst of all, was losing a battle against liver failure.  Volunteers wanted to get her into a foster home, but the vet said the most humane thing to do was to put her to sleep.

“Hannah would have been suffering for some time – liver failure and that level of emaciation is not something that happens overnight, it is a prolonged process,” Waddon told Express. “Most dog owners and animal lovers would do anything for their pet, and when it was their time to go we would do anything to make them better and ultimately have them back.

“Hannah was completely let down by the one person who should have been with her at the end of her life – her owner.  But even when she was in so much pain, with liver failure, little use of her back legs and incontinence, she still had so much love to give – she probably even loved her owner.”


3.11.16 - An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog4


Putting her down was a kindness, but nevertheless, Waddon and the rest of the staff were inconsolable about having to do so.  Once Hannah was gone, all Waddon was left with was heartache and rage.  Not knowing who Hannah had once belonged to, she wrote an angry open letter to them and posted it on Facebook:



We don’t know what her real name is – but you do. We called her Hannah so she had a name rather than the ID number she was given when she was admitted to the pound as a stray. She was too weak to stand so the pound staff made a bed from an old duvet for her to rest on – did you have a comfy bed for her? Her nails were the longest and most overgrown we have ever seen – and we have seen 1,000s of strays over the last 10 years. Her waist was so thin a human hand could fit around it. Hannah gently licked our Rescue Manager’s hand as she quietly stroked her, trying so hard not to let her tears fall on to her. The gentlest of souls obviously in so much pain – how could you have not noticed?  We prayed that the vet would say we could save her, that we could move her to a foster home and that her life would change forever from that moment. But we were too late. Hannah’s liver was in complete failure, she was incontinent and her back legs had gone completely. We were left with no option than to let her go on welfare grounds, free from the pain and suffering.

As we shed yet more tears, do you even care? Are you settling down for your tea tonight without a second thought for the dog you left to die? She could hardly stand and was too weak to walk so how did she get outside? We can only guess you finally dumped her after watching her suffer for so long. You should know just how deeply we cared about Hannah’s plight, how the pound staff cared and the vet staff cared – was there ever a time you cared for her during her 8 year life?  Sleep easy Hannah, and we wish with all our heart and soul that you didn’t have to end your life in a stray dog pound, so cruelly let down by the one person who should have been with you at the end – you.

Anyone with information about Hannah is asked to contact Alison Ling at [email protected].

228 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog

  1. How sad …..hope you find who her owner is… They need to have charges filed against them. Good luck . and Rip in heavenly peace Hannah

  2. They say there are animals on this great planet of ours who are dangerous. But this goes to show how humans can be the most dangerous monsters of them all.

  3. She’s happy that her final resting place isn’t in the streets and that she was surrounded by humans who deeply cared and love her in that brief time ?

  4. Thanks to those who loved her at the end. I’m certain that little bit of love was huge for her and allowed her to cross over peacefully.

  5. Humans are the most dangerous. Just a shame Hannah didn’t have the love. She had a monster who dumped her when she needed them. Apparently they didn’t take care of her. It takes a while for nails to curl. Waist so small a hand can fit around it. Apparently you have no conscious. You dumped her in an alley to die. She was found by loving caring people. It was to late to save Hannah. Hopefully you will be found and punished for the evil monster that you are. RIP sweet Hannah.

  6. That’s likely the reason she was abandoned. Sick/dying dogs require lots of money to pay for vet bills, medications, and food. Don’t know why they’d have a dog if they couldn’t afford these basic costs, but nobody said people are smart

    1. Yet people will spend that kind of money on other people after they claim they don’t have money to help their pet… The people who did this need to be put to death. They are murderers.

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  8. So sorry for your loss of beautiful Hannah. She has the most beautiful face and her eyes speak volumes. She knew more love and kindness in her short time with you than probably a long long time. It is so heart wrenching what folks do or what they allow to happen to their pets. I sincerely thank you for taking her in, shedding tears for her, and loving her as she went to the Bridge. That she never will forget. It is amazing how dogs can still love those who abuse them. I still thank you for loving her so much and letting her know that. It make my heart cry for both of you. Hannah will see all of you one day again. She is beautiful and whole now with no pain and suffering.

  9. Yah , the owner are real monsters…Look at the eyes of the dog , you can see she was a lovely sweet dog. Hope the owner will get wat u deserved one day .

  10. It’s really tough to accept that there are people who are this cold hearted and selfish. Unfortunately there are a lot out there. But I know there are just as many if not more folks with big hearts that are willing to help even the score (so to speak) and bring balance to the sadness and ugliness that these selfish rotten human beings leave behind. May the sadness and anger we feel when we encounter an animal who has been totally let down by another human inspire us and motivate us to right their wrongs, we can still make a difference.

  11. A person who doesn’t had a chance to experience what is to be loved can do such a thing, so cold & probably had a miserable life. it always makes me emotional to hear stories like this. Only a heartless person can do such a thing. the decision to have a dog is both a commitment & responsibility, committed to the very last breath & responsible to provide the best of what the owner can give. Dogs really deserve mature & responsible owners!

  12. WTF, find this fucking moron jerk and prosecute him/her to the fullest extent so Hannah will have her justice for all her suffering under this jerk. R.I.P. Hannah, Run wild, run free. You will forever be remembered fondly for your loves, loyalty and forgiving hearts.

  13. Sick ppl! I’m so glad she could spend her last moments knowing kindness and love. Rip Hannah over the Rainbow bridge you go.

  14. Look at her eyes! Poor girl, I would love to give her a big cuddle. I don’t understand people sometimes, I couldn’t abandon my dog ever. I love him so much, and he loves me and is so super loyal, I literally couldn’t do it. I’ll be with him to the end no matter what. Every animal deserves that from their humans.

  15. Some people do not understand the responsibilities a pet owner has but if you decide you cannot look after a pet, take it to a rescue centre, don’t let it suffer or abandon it.

  16. If this/these individuals are capable of such cruelty and callousness to this baby, I fear what other vile acts they’re capable of. I pray the piece of shit reads this and realises the enormity of the cruelty they’ve inflicted. Be ashamed, whoever you are and NEVER own another pet again!

  17. Heart breaking!! I hope those bastard owners end up being old and forgotten by their family and kids. Fuckers. You can’t even tell she’s a German shepherd cuz she’s so skinny. Poor sweet Hannah, I hope you are finally at peace. I’m sorry you suffered. We send all of our love to you.

  18. Those eyes….how could you look into them and walk away? Just know that the last vision she had was the love that you gave her, not the indifference of those monsters.
    God speed little Hannah

  19. A monster like that must not even have n flie as a pet they dont deserve anyone in their live I hope u suffer much more one day.

  20. She was only EIGHT YEARS old?? Did I read that correctly? Sorry, I’m just crying right now…it takes years of neglect for nails to get in that condition, so I guess she never was taken care of…good grief people, that’s what shelters are for – if you’re in over your head, then just bring them to us. Sorry, this story really affected me.

  21. I will NEVER UNDERSTAND……RIP Sweet Hannah and you can rest assured those demons you loved that did this to you WILL get theirs one day! I’m so happy for you that you found kind humans that LOVED you at the end and to THEM I say THANK YOU and BLESS YOU! ♡♡♡

  22. How could anyone neglect a pet or cause harm to any kind of animal?? I can’t wrap my head around it. If anyone deserves to be bit in the ass by karma…it’s bastards like this.

  23. i hope the asshole whom every he she or they were gets the lost painfull long drawnout sickness so they can watch their own bodies go though what they put this poor loving soul though

  24. People are selfish ,plain and simple !! These dogs are are a better example of how humans should be ,,pathetic the trash that lives in this world !!

  25. praying for the person responsible to be brought to justice, broke my heart to see this beautiful dog have to suffer like this

  26. No words can describe the burning feelings I have towards vile scum-bags that abuse, neglect, abandon &/or exploit any animal. Hope you painfully rot from the inside out! Dear Hannah, find your way to Rainbow Bridge sweet girl – so much love & happiness waits for you there <3 <3 <3

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