An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog

“Hannah was let down by the one person who should have been with her… Even when she was in pain, she still had love to give – she probably even loved her owner.”

3.11.16 - An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog2


Staff members and volunteers at rescue groups and shelters go through more emotional turmoil than most people would realize.  Every day they suffer right along with the animals they devote their lives to, but few of experiences are as heartbreaking as the ones where animals have been made to suffer because of their owners.  A staff member at Hope Rescue in the UK was so devastated by the irremediable condition of Hannah, an emaciated, dying dog, that she wrote an open letter to the monster who remorselessly abandoned her when she needed care the most.

Vanessa Waddon, founder and chair of trustees at Hope Rescue was enraged and heartsick after being forced to say goodbye to a dog that she had only just met, but who will live on in her heart forever.  The sickly, starving German shepherd was found in a back alley and was brought to Hope Rescue, who takes in every stray in the area.

They called her Hannah, and they took her to be treated by a vet.  She was incontinent, had painfully overgrown claws, she was too weak to even stand, and worst of all, was losing a battle against liver failure.  Volunteers wanted to get her into a foster home, but the vet said the most humane thing to do was to put her to sleep.

“Hannah would have been suffering for some time – liver failure and that level of emaciation is not something that happens overnight, it is a prolonged process,” Waddon told Express. “Most dog owners and animal lovers would do anything for their pet, and when it was their time to go we would do anything to make them better and ultimately have them back.

“Hannah was completely let down by the one person who should have been with her at the end of her life – her owner.  But even when she was in so much pain, with liver failure, little use of her back legs and incontinence, she still had so much love to give – she probably even loved her owner.”


3.11.16 - An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog4


Putting her down was a kindness, but nevertheless, Waddon and the rest of the staff were inconsolable about having to do so.  Once Hannah was gone, all Waddon was left with was heartache and rage.  Not knowing who Hannah had once belonged to, she wrote an angry open letter to them and posted it on Facebook:



We don’t know what her real name is – but you do. We called her Hannah so she had a name rather than the ID number she was given when she was admitted to the pound as a stray. She was too weak to stand so the pound staff made a bed from an old duvet for her to rest on – did you have a comfy bed for her? Her nails were the longest and most overgrown we have ever seen – and we have seen 1,000s of strays over the last 10 years. Her waist was so thin a human hand could fit around it. Hannah gently licked our Rescue Manager’s hand as she quietly stroked her, trying so hard not to let her tears fall on to her. The gentlest of souls obviously in so much pain – how could you have not noticed?  We prayed that the vet would say we could save her, that we could move her to a foster home and that her life would change forever from that moment. But we were too late. Hannah’s liver was in complete failure, she was incontinent and her back legs had gone completely. We were left with no option than to let her go on welfare grounds, free from the pain and suffering.

As we shed yet more tears, do you even care? Are you settling down for your tea tonight without a second thought for the dog you left to die? She could hardly stand and was too weak to walk so how did she get outside? We can only guess you finally dumped her after watching her suffer for so long. You should know just how deeply we cared about Hannah’s plight, how the pound staff cared and the vet staff cared – was there ever a time you cared for her during her 8 year life?  Sleep easy Hannah, and we wish with all our heart and soul that you didn’t have to end your life in a stray dog pound, so cruelly let down by the one person who should have been with you at the end – you.

Anyone with information about Hannah is asked to contact Alison Ling at [email protected].

228 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Jerk Who Dumped Their Dying Dog

  1. Hannah is now pain free and experiencing the love of God. The person that failed to care for Hannah will face God on judgement day.

  2. There are so many monsters that walk among us everyday. When an animal suffers the consequence of monstrous behavior, the correct punishment needs to be qualified and administered on behalf of society and the poor creatures that have been battered and abused. So sorry for Hannah.

  3. This is so sad! I’m struggling between seeing these images and keeping my heart open… I feel so helpless to change the situation for these animals and the damage these images do to my psyche not healthy. I want to stay connected with this page… But Hannah’s haunting eyes will remain with me and continue to pull at my broken heart for her… Some warning about the graphic nature of the images and story would be helpful to aid in preventing damage to the people connected to your page… The reason we all care is because we love animals and have sensitivity to there plight.

  4. Absolutely heartbreaking …. Some people are heartless monsters and then you have some wonderful people like the rescue / vet staff that showed this sweet baby love and care that she deserved and wouldn’t let her die alone. Your owner let you down but you touched many many of strangers heart who love you even though we never met you. Rest in peace sweet girl and be happy playing and running at the rainbow bridge without pain and heartache

  5. You only have to look into Hannah,s beautiful sad eyes to see the gentleness of her soul. Through a life full of pain and suffering she still hung on maybe hoping she would not have to die alone and at the end she found people that would give her the love and gentleness she should have had all her life. Rest in peace our poor Hannah for you are no longer suffering but I only pray the animal who did this their suffering and hell has just begun. May you rot in hell.

  6. Thank you Hope Rescue for being there for Hannah. She had people around her who loved her on sight, a warm and comfy place to rest. She had your love at the end. ???

  7. Some people don’t deserve because it’s the people that are wild animals to treat these dogs so badly. a dog is a friend for life so love them not hurt them

  8. I can’t even imagine….. my dogs are my furry children. I will starve before my dogs ever will. I used an industrial file on my old dog’s nails when he was afraid of clippers after someone accidentally got his quick. I carried my old shepherd mix up and down the stairs when they were too hard for him. I don’t understand how people can just let another life form….any life form, but especially a dog, suffer. I hope the monster is found.

  9. This is so horrible…I couldn’t get through the whole story..I really hate people sometimes….so cruel…God must shed a tear sometimes…

  10. Shame on the person that abandoned his dying dog and he should never be allowed to get another dog who he just might dump too when she or he gets sick enough to pass away. 🙁 That was a very cruel that did for this sweet to dog.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing Hannah’s story. It is important to us at Hope Rescue that the campaign message about pet ownership being a lifetime responsibility was highlighted so something positive could come from this tragic story and that she will be remembered xx

  12. I hope the f’n asshole who did this has a very slow & extremely painful death as well. Hannah has love in her beautiful eyes & how u could treat this loving dog w/no love, dignity or respect

  13. Bastard/s whoever abandoned this poor wee soul ur r evil sick ratbags and i hope u or use get caught and get what u deserve poor dog so sad 🙁 ?? why would anybody get a dog if they can’t love & care for it . A Dog is a living life too & is no different to a human being . Dunno why anybody could harm a poor defenseless animal makes me so so angry ?. Karma will get u/use whoever did this to this poor wee soul . Rip Hannah ur at peace now out of all ur pain and suffering at the hands of scum, u will be loved, happy and cared for in Rainbow Bridge like u should have been when u were here ? xx

  14. You have to be pretty heartless or with a soul to leave a furbaby with such sad eyes behind for whatever your reason while it is passing away!!!

  15. This breaks my heart and infuriates me. This beautiful dog deserved better. At least she knew love from the caring staff in her last moments. I believe there is a special place in hell for people who do this to animals.

  16. The problem with this is that anyone who would do this has no conscience. Therefore, even if this person did see the open letter, it would have no effect on them.

  17. Sweet baby. RIP free of pain and disappointment. Your trip to the Rainbow Bridge will be full of love and health. You will be running around in the tall grass happy and carefree. Look for Vinnie, he will take care of you. My heart breaks for you.

  18. RIP sweet Hannah, your life mattered and you were loved by those around you as you left on your journey over the Rainbow Bridge <3 Run pain free now pretty lady

  19. I hope you find who did this .. Sickening disgusting cruel people they should be tortured for what they’ve done .. Don’t know how people can be so cruel ???

  20. Jesus Christ, this is so terribly sad, and heart breaking. How could anyone ever do this to am animal? I will never understand how evil and cruel some humans can actually be. Absolutely tragic this happened to such a sweet dog❤️ looking at the picture at first I couldn’t even tell she was a German shepard. This poor baby endured so much abuse and neglect. Rest easy, little love❤️

    I hope whoever did this is found, and at the VERY least charged and put away for a long time. Though being a animal lover myself, I hope this worthless scum bag is found, and shot in the head.

  21. Your letter was much too nice to the people who owned this poor baby. They are horrid people! Even if they couldn’t afford the medical bill then surrender her to people who actually love dogs and would do anything to save them. Owners Always know that what goes around comes around and you will pay for such an atrocity you did not deserve her. Shame on you!!

  22. I hope they find that bastard!! I don’t know what the laws are in the UK. But in the USA it’s a felony now for animal abuse

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