Couple Tired of Being Asked About Babies Does a Photoshoot with Their Puppy

“The shoot was hilarious. Everything went so smoothly. The pup was enjoying every second of it, and all the treats he was getting!”

3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot11


It’s the one question newlyweds and childless couples are SO over hearing: “When are you going to have a baby??”  Maybe they can’t.  Maybe they don’t want to.  It’s no one else’s business.  One couple who was tired of being pestered decided to do a newborn photoshoot with their dog, Humphry, and most people agree – these photos are so much better than the ones with boring ol’ babies, anyway!

Matt and Abby teamed up with photographer Elisha Minnette to get some lovely shots with Humphry, many of them taken along a peaceful countryside road.


3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot3


“Abby and I have the craziest sense of humor and we feed off of each other with ideas,” Minnette told Buzzfeed.  “The shoot was hilarious. Everything went so smoothly. The pup was enjoying every second of it, and all the treats he was getting!”

“We did this shoot just for a little bit of humor between ourselves, as well as for those that share the same sense of humor as us.  We did not expect this to get as big as it has! Myself, Matt, and Abby are overwhelmed with how far this post has reached,” she said.

“People may say we have way too much time on our hands to do this photo shoot, but that’s not the case – we just prefer to be creative!”


3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot1



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot2



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot12



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot4





3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot8





3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot6



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot7



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot9



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot10



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot13



3.12.16 - Couple's Newborn Dog Shoot14


197 thoughts on “Couple Tired of Being Asked About Babies Does a Photoshoot with Their Puppy

    1. Dear Proud Parents: Congratulations on the ‘birth’ of your baby. I absolutely loved your baby pictures and hope you continue posting snaps as your child grows and passes milestones eg: Baby;s first bath, first birthday, first holiday (Christmas, or other) celebration, baby’s first day in obedience school, baby’s graduation day, baby all grown-up and leaving for college, baby getting married, and Proud Grandparents beaming at baby’s first baby.

      But seriously – I never had kids but rather kitty-cats and when people ask me how many children I have I generally reply; “All my children are 4 legged.I have Fur-Babies*”. So believe me I get it and say to you post on Proud Parents!

      Patricia, proud parent of adorable 5lb. Scharazade
      . :.

  1. I wish people would stop asking young couples this question. It’s really none of anybody’s business. Being a good pet parent is a calling too.

  2. I think it’s wonderful! I think a dog is a perfect child for any couple or single person..they give you love, companionship…sooo’s just another form of a relationship in this world we can enjoy while we pass here in I this life each one has its own beauty and worth…you don’t need a human child to be fulfilled or happy…

    1. Dear Margaret, Don’t make assumptions. You might find babies endlessly fascinating but many people arent that interested in them. It’s not a universal like people believe it to be. Babies really don’t do much to be honest. They lie around, they cry, they feed, they lie around, they crap & pee, they cry, they lie around, they feed etc….. They dont get interesting till they become toddlers and even then it’s better if you can give them back to their parents after a couple hours. And OTHER people’s babies are even less interesting than your own. ROFL Dogs are way more fun.

  3. I love this idea. My hubby and I get pestered all the time, just not in the cards for us to have a human child currently, and you know what we are happy with our fur baby, so happy we want to give her a baby sister so we will be welcoming a standard poodle soon ❤️?? this is our Lily 8 months old. No matter what family says I AM a mom, my daughter has four paws and a tail, and I’d do anything for her as would my hubby. She’s cared for gets spoiled, eats the best food we can buy her and goes to the vet regularly etc etc etc.

  4. My hubby and I have always been asked that stupid question. You would think after being married for 10 yrs. that would have stopped by now. I should steal their idea and do this with my fur babies.

  5. We can’t have children…so we have fur children and they r our babies…a Weimaraner a pomchi and a long haired calico ? they all have premium insurance, get their vaccines as needed, go to the vet twice a yr for regular check ups…I insist lol. They go once a month for wt checks. 3 months for nail trims. The pomchi goes to the groomers to be trimmed down 4 times a year. I have a care credit card for them. The weim goes to water arobics lol and plays fly ball…she’s really good at it. They have there own room…that they never use becus they love mommy and daddy so much. I feed them blue wilderness and 3 times a week they get a home cooked meal…one day is beef, one day chicken, and one day salmon. For special occasions and holidays we substitute lamb ? they have birthday parties. They even have their own colored accessories…the weim gets pink and the pomchi gets purple. The cat is blue. My weim we bought from a breeder and my pomchi we rescued. The cat we found as a 2 week old kitten…the neighbors dog killed it’s ma and siblings but left her live…idk y. Idc either. We love her. We also have dumbo ratties and some fish lol. And this summer we will be growing our family by adding a Brittney pup to the mix…a boy…he will be red lol I needed a medium dog ? love them all so much.

  6. Amen!! Good for them!! Pets are considered family members, anyway. And although they don’t require much in the form of clothing, good caring and loving pet owners still invest as much into rearing and providing for their “baby” as much as they would a child. If this weren’t the case, health plans to insure pets would’ve never been created. Duh! lol And when owners lose their pets to age, accident or unforeseen illnesses, the grief they experience is quite real………..hullo!

  7. Love this idea ???…

    My 3 are my kids… They may have 4 legs and fur but hey they are my kids all the same. Not everyone can have children, me being one of them which in itself was one of the hardest things to discover… Unless you have experienced that feeling you will never understand. ?

    They may have 4 legs but they mean the world to me, are always happy to see me, are affectionate and are loved unconditionally and give me so much happiness…x????

  8. Drives me nuts when people ask me this question. We’ve been together for 14 years and have no in intensions of having a child ….. ever! It’s just not for us. We like our holidays, dinner out, long lies. Annoys me so much when people say “you’ll change your mind”. ?

  9. I can’t have kids but I am often asked “when you having kids ” ” when I say i can’t have them then I get the stupid question “have you been tested” I used to get very offended and pissed off but now this is how I tackle it………….they asked if I have kids I say i can’t have them they ask “oh have you been tested…….my response tgen is do you have your bank card….yes….can I see it…I take there bank card then ask for there pin number….they get offended and tell me no..I ask why….they say because it’s private and none of my business I then say well see the answer you have given me take it and put the same answer to the question you have just asked me ? x

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