Dog Demands to Be Held When Her Daddy Finally Gets Home

A man working away from home for two months returns to the single most energetic greeting we’ve ever seen!

This touching video of a man returning from being away from home for two months for work was shared by Heather Kliza-Daix on Facebook with the following:

Sarah really is the sweetest dog she makes us very happy, so glad everyone is loving our video! Love reading all of your comments, the response is overwhelming! My husband was away for 2 months working in Alberta, we knew the dog would go crazy when she seen him but I wasn’t expecting such an emotional response from her, just amazing! So much love from such a little animal.”


Happiest dog in the worldWhen your #Bae finally gets home

Posted by ellentube on Tuesday, March 8, 2016



34 thoughts on “Dog Demands to Be Held When Her Daddy Finally Gets Home

  1. Had me tearing up. Thank you for sharing her joy. I live in Greece now and dogs are not often part of the family but rather abandoned left to fend for themselves. The world needs more kindness. Many happy years together with your fur baby.

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