Dog Is Wrongfully Used in Electoral Campaign

A presidential candidate is in hot water after a dog was used/abused as a prop to promote the presidential campaign.

Peru’s Congresswoman Keiko Fujimori is doing damage control after a dog was used as a medium to advertise her presidential campaign in the city if Talara. The dog was photographed wearing the candidate’s name in bright red paint on his torso.

Photo credit: Diario El Popular
Photo credit: Diario El Popular


It is unknown if an unofficial campaign worker or a supporter came up with the idea to abuse the dog, but animal lovers across the country are now outraged about the unjust treatment the animal received.

Potential voters have taken to social media to voice their opinion about the animal abuse and to make sure the candidate knows they are withdrawing their support. If Fujimori thought painting a dog to promote her campaign was the right move, she better not keep her hopes up about winning. Peruvians say they do not want an animal abuser in power.

73 thoughts on “Dog Is Wrongfully Used in Electoral Campaign

  1. Could you specify that this isn’t in the US? Especially when we have a presidential candidate whose name starts with “K”.

  2. This hasto stop we need camaras to stop this maybe a microchip to watch what people do. I cant stop cryinh if this happen to your kid you would have to lock this bad person up please help this poor dog

  3. We have no idea from this article what type of paint this is. I have seen many dogs spray painted before. How do we know this is a harmful paint?? Don’t call this animal abuse If we don’t know the specifics. People are so offended but have no idea what they are so offended. This could have been a harmless paint specific for pets and you all are claiming abuse. We have no idea.

  4. i’m guessing if it was a safe, non-toxic paint, the candidate would have emphasized it more, so i’m thinking maybe it was a harmful paint for the dog…. which is stupid cuz they couldve used pet paints and avoided this poop storm.

  5. While painting a dog with paint is being cruel… Anyone read the article? This happened in Peru, not in the United States. Each country may have different animal abuse laws. If you feel strong about this… complain to the country of Peru.

  6. To be fair, I feel this is more tasteless than cruel. I am pretty sure my dog wouldn’t care less if I dyed him (non toxic), so long as he still had a full bowl and walkies 🙂

  7. I clicked on this site because I saw I pic of a cute dog. I had No idea the absolute nonsense I would be reading so early in the morning. Every one is concerned about paint marks on a dog in another country that appears not only to be healthy but cooling itself on a cool floor.
    Not a mark on the dog. Why don’t you all cry for the spider costumes etc people put on there dogs for Thier own amusement. I have yet to see One happy dog wearing that.
    Shutting off this site.

  8. I would share this but I’m afraid it will give people the idea to do it instead of not do it. What special kind of idiot is this person?????

  9. I would like the sample of the paint to be tested for harmful chemicals. Define red paint please. Then go from there. Just because someone put red on a dog doesnt mean it was abusive in nature. Maybe she used beet juice?
    Now I see its in Peru. Well go figure. Different laws and culture. Sigh. I doubt its dye.

  10. Amy Beth It doesn’t matter what type of paint they used. I am allergic to a lot of products that are deemed harmless, so why put anything on an animal that isn’t necessary. Animals aren’t billboards!

  11. People paint themselves all the time for different reasons, if all they did was paint the dog I’d say people are seriously over reacting. Was it nice? No. But let’s make a big deal about a dog getting a little paint on him. Mean while children are being abused, mistreated, and even killed but we’re to busy complaining about this dog to care. Hate me if you want, bash me if you feel like wasting your time, all you’ll be doing is proving my point & letting me know that I made you feel guilty. So…go…

  12. Regardless of what country this took place in, as long as the paint isn’t toxic, I’m not sure where the abuse is. This page has posted many pictures of dogs in paint, for Halloween and cancer support for example.

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