Dog Literally FALLS Alseep

Sleepy dog rolls right of the arm of a couch!

Have you ever noticed that regardless of how uncomfortable it looks, dogs sometimes seem to have the ability to fall asleep just about anywhere?  Have you also noticed that sometimes, this ability to sleep in strange places and positions can spell DISASTER for some dogs?  Yeah, we noticed that, too!



14 thoughts on “Dog Literally FALLS Alseep

  1. Not nice. Obviously an old dog, and most likely a little arthritic as all old dogs are… this digital clip shows the irresponsible owner is more worried about getting it on film, than the possible hurt/pain caused to the dog when it fell. I wouldn’t encourage this kind of treatment to animals on this website by reposting bad owner behavior.

    1. I agree with you. The owner should have prevented the dog from getting hurt. It’s not a funny thing.

  2. I found this totally humorless. Why wasn’t someone helping the dog instead of videoing the event. Shame on them.

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