Dog Makes for the Cutest Beggar!

All dog owners know, eating in peace just does not happen when you have a doggy member of the family!

Does your dog do this?  Do they make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to eat anything without sharing some with them?  And how could anyone deny that face?!


Credit: Dogsbeingbasic

Posted by Ukshini on Wednesday, March 9, 2016


9 thoughts on “Dog Makes for the Cutest Beggar!

  1. I know of a dog just like this that use to beg it’s owner for food. What would get me very upset was the fact that this owner would always give her dog her scraps or have him finish what was on her plate!! And if it weren’t for me taking this dog for a walk, he wouldn’t have gotten any excersize at all. On top of this, she wouldn’t even bother to measure the amount of dry dog food for his bowl. She would just load it up!! Then during the summer, she actually added ice cubes to his bowl of water!!! Are you kidding me?! Does the word, Gluttony come to mind here? And now, I’ve just learned that the dog is dying? According to her, these dogs don’t live very long. Well, duh! Not if you don’t know how to take care of it???? Anyone care to elaborate about this breed and how long it’s natural life expectancy really is? Because I would sure like to know……..smh

  2. Life With Dogs…My IQ score of 119, and u?…
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    Tks ad with post: Does your dog do this? Do they make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to eat anything without sharing some with them? And how could anyone deny that face?!…

  3. If you don’t start feeding from your plate they get the message. I would get up from the table put the food in their bowl . Result no begging. B.B.Q.same thing.We had 3 dogs.

  4. I have 2 dogs,Jorel a 5 year old chihuahua, and Lucky,a year and a half club footed mutt. I feed them with rice or chicken or beef bits off my plate. I also get them cheese packs (for individual servings). But IF I happen to eat something spicy,I tell them both…..”this is mama’s food,y’all can’t have none” and they turn around and go to sleep. They are BOTH very active inside dogs. I will throw a very small ball or shine their laser light (which is supposed to be a cat’s toy) and they run up and down the hallway to chase them. So,done had them checked and so far they are doing very well.

  5. He is absolutely gorgeous but if you really love your fur ball don’t over feed them so they can be with you longer and healthier! Hugs

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