Dog Narrowly Escapes Death at Meat Farm and Gets New a Home

Chi chi was found wrapped in a garbage bag and left behind a dumpster at a dog meat farm. Thankfully, she’s been rescued, and has a new family to love her.




Chi Chi did not have a very good start to life at all.  Being born in South Korea, and intended to be butchered and sold as meat on an open market is to be sentenced to a terrible fate.  However, Chi Chi has an indomitable spirit, and is one resilient dog.  Not only has she survived a quadruple leg amputation, but she is still all smiles, and brimming with love to give.

When the California-based Animal Rescue, Media and Education found Chi Chi, someone had bound up her legs with wires so tight, that it was cutting into her flesh, and the wrapped up in a garbage bag, and carelessly tossed behind a dumpster.  The dumpster was behind a dog meat dealer in South Korea, and this poor dog as in terrible health.

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When she was finally brought to the United States, she was seen by medical health specialists right away.  The situation was pretty grim for Chi Chi, and she ended up having to have all four of her paws removed because of how much damage the wire had done to her.  She was malnourished and had an infection that spread throughout her body.  It took a very long time, but surgeons managed to save her life.

Her recovery was very touch and go for the first little while after surgery.  However, Chi Chi is filled with a spirit that simply cannot be broken, and her will to live is indescribably strong.  She is a force to be reckoned with.  It wasn’t long until Chi Chi was really getting better, and the work of getting her ready for adoption was the task at hand.  She survived things that most would not, and her loving and sweet nature landed her a forever home.


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Chi Chi now resides with a new family in Arizona, and they have promised to love her and keep her happy and safe for the rest of her life.  She’s doing very well, and even has four new legs, specially designed to fit her and help her get around more easily.  Chi Chi is an excellent example of what can happen when one decides that they absolutely refuse to quit.  The word is simply NOT in their vocabulary.


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    Thanks for view: Chi Chi did not at all have a very good start to life. Being born in South Korea, and intended to be butchered and sold as meat on an open market is …

  2. South Korea, the Country so valiantly defended by the USA and other UN Nations?? We should all pull out these idiots STOP the senseless eating of dogs and cats!!! Let’s see how this Nation would stand up to North Korea without our assistance!!!!!!

  3. Thankfully this beautiful girl was fortunate enough to be rescued and now has a wonderful life. Unfortunately, SO MANY dogs and cats don’t get this chance.I absolutely hate that these Countries ( China too) butcher these wonderful animals inhumanely for meat. I wish that we could rescue them all!

  4. I despise people who abuse poor little animals. I wish we could have international laws to really punish these heartless, mean people who do these things. Please lawmakers-work on this tragic abuse. I rescue every stray I can-even feed 12 stray racoons and 3 possums every night. They come 2 or 3 at a time all night-last ones about 5:oo am. This way the roaming cayotes don’t get them.It takes 6 loaves of French bread (torn in small pieces),, 3 cans of canned cream and 3 big cans catfood all mixed together. If I get a little behind, they sit and wait to be fed-they are really cute. They also like donut holes, fritos, potato chips and bugles. My 3 cats watch them from the window, but don’t go out. Have to bring the cats in at dusk or the cayotes would kill them. The racoons and possums have their own hiding places, so am glad they are safe.

    Thank all you wonderful rescuers who go out looking for these little creatures. You will have the biggest stars in your crown. I contribute as much as possible to you good people. You are in my prayers. Dee

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