Dog on the Absolute Brink of Death Makes an Unbelievable Recovery

“Thomas’ new dad is a police officer and knows all too well the abuse that he has gone through. He has already bonded with his new dad and they are inseparable.”



This comes from Trio Animal Foundation (TAF):


Thomas was found collapsed in the snow hanging on for life. He was already in shock, covered in over a hundred bite wounds and had a baseball size abscess on his chest that smelled of infection. Thomas’ body was failing him and time was running out.


Hospitalized in critical condition, Thomas was started on warm IV fluids and warming packs were placed around his body to help stabilize his dangerously low core temperature. It would take weeks of wound care and IV antibiotics for Thomas to finally be given a clean bill of health. 


It was then that we focused on Thomas’ emotional recovery. This can sometimes be just as challenging. After spending many hours with TAF’s therapy dogs, Thomas learned that when we raised our hands it wasn’t to hit him and when we approached him he did not need to cower… he learned what it meant to be loved and how to trust those that watched over him.

Now for the happy ending… it is with great joy that we announce that Thomas has found his forever home! Thomas’ new dad is a Chicago police officer and knows all too well the abuse that Thomas has gone through. He knows that he has a very special pup on his hands and will continue to watch over and protect Thomas, just like those before him. Thomas has already bonded with his new dad and they are inseparable… buddies for life!


A big thank you to everybody that helped to sponsor Thomas’ medical care and to his medical team at Heal. Without all of your help, Thomas would not have made it. Thank you so much for saving his life!


If you live in the Chicago area and would love to save a Thomas of your own, CLICK HERE to see their adoptable dogs.



83 thoughts on “Dog on the Absolute Brink of Death Makes an Unbelievable Recovery

  1. To love and be loved by any sentient being is what we all need to flourish. With so many horrific acts of violence and cruelty happening daily, this heartwarming story was sorely needed. ❤️

  2. We love these stories that start out so heartbreaking and the journey goes on to heartwarming and joy. Thank You Thomas’s new Dad!!

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  4. Beautiful story…..I will never understand how anyone can be so bloody ruthless , vile and evil to an innocent animal. Thank God for the good people in this world that are there to save these wonderful animals from certain death.

  5. I’m so angry at that asshole who did this to this beautiful creature! I wish there will be a law to eliminate these kind of dirt off the face of the Earth!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Not sure who put Thomas in that situation but it’s great to know that he’s bounced back and has got a second chance at life. Best wishes to him and his new dad and I’m sure they’ll have a life full of love and fun together..

  7. people can be savages doing such unthinkable harm to such beautiful creatures,God Bless his new dad and him for the love he is been given.

  8. Marvellous…Bravo and thank you for saving Thomas and giving him a new life. Tremendous that he has a loving dad. Prayers and blessings….and best wishes for many wonderful moments together.

  9. Awesome! tears of pain for this beautiful boy at first, then tears of joy to see him now, what a change, love care respect goes a long way, what a handsome team they make

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