Dog Saves Human by Alerting the Police

A touching story of a heroic dog alerting a police officer to save their human’s life.


A woman from Wisconsin with a heart condition was rescued by her dog.  John-boy alerted a police officer to his human’s condition and the fact that she was in need of help.  Thanks to this incredible dog, the woman is alive to see another day, and John-boy is nothing short of a hero.

It was a cold, quiet Wisconsin morning when a lone black Labrador was seen running on the side of the road in a small-town neighborhood. When police officer Jeff Gonzalez caught up to the dog named John Boy, he could see the dog was nervous, barking, and anxious for the officer to get out of his cop car. Then, the pup started running up the street.

As it turned out, John Boy’s owner Krystal suffers from a heart condition. This incredible dog was trying to grab the officer’s attention and flag him down while leading him in the right direction. Before Officer Gonzalez knew it, he was standing in front of the house where Krystal was unresponsive.


3.21.16 - heroic dogFEAT


There she was, slumped over in a chair on her front porch, still wearing her pajamas. She was freezing, her lips were blue, and at first the officer thought she was dead. After he called for assistance, Krystal was brought inside.

Krystal’s daughter received a phone call alerting her to the fact her mother had been sitting unconscious in the cold for a whole hour before John Boy was able to connect with the officer and save the day. Krystal recovered in the hospital and couldn’t wait to be reunited with her four-legged hero, and the officer who went out of his way to listen to her loyal dog.

In the touching video below, watch as Krystal meets her knight in shining officer, Officer Gonzalez. And if you can believe it, John Boy had been adopted and returned to the shelter three times by different families before ending up with Krystal forever. It was truly meant to be. Watch the touching story below, and please SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!

15 thoughts on “Dog Saves Human by Alerting the Police


  2. This would have been a sad case if it was a trigger happy cop. Even worse if the dog was a bully breed. But luckily it turned out good! Bless the dog and officer.

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  4. Beautiful……! If only those who have abused, neglected or shouldn’t have dogs to begin with, knew their value in the lives of humans would read these types of stories…… think that they’d change their feelings or attitudes towards God’s animals? Or at the very least, show remorse for their behavior and the cruelty they inflicted upon these devoted and loyal animals? Feelings of guilt no doubt, prevents them from owning up to their animosity, perhaps? So, very happy for this woman, her dog and the policemen who not only were alerted to the situation, but keen enough to recognize the animal’s pleas for assistance. And who would know better than, these cops of whom like: the military and even prison inmates who are known for working and training dogs as part of their therapy, what these animals are capable of!!

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