Dog With Two Noses Sniffs Out Things Better Than Anyone Else

No, you are not seeing a camera trick. This dog has two noses and two “sniffers” are very handy.

Toby is an Australian shepherd born with two noses. His birth advantage, we call it that because having two noses is no defect or incapacity at all, serves him very well. When it comes to sniffing out and searching for lost things like his favorite, old chewed up ball, two noses are better than one.



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  3. My rescue was born with the same birth defect. It’s essentially a cleft palate. It will affect their ability to smell and breath, my dog is also missing some teeth because of it, but otherwise they are normal dogs. Mine has taken the sport dog world by storm and has come in second at Nationals 2 years in a row and had the highest obedience score in the US and Canada last year. Treat them like any other dog and they will act like any other dog. Here’s my dog as a pup.

  4. There are 3 breeds of dog (though not recognised by kennel clubs) that have split noses. They are the Catalburun, the Pachon Navarro and Andean Tiger-hound. So not as weird as some people may think :3

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