Dying Dog Goes Bonkers Over His Final Birthday Present

“These were all toys mailed to Wallace by people around the country who loved him.”

3.30.16 - Wallace's Last Birthday


When Wallace was diagnosed with cancer, his family knew he didn’t have much time left.  For his 11th birthday, he was given a cake and a huge box full of presents.  See his reaction – he gets so many stuffies to destroy, he just can’t even!



This comes from the caption on YouTube:

After diagnosis with hemangiosarcoma, Wallace was given 2 weeks to 3 months without chemo. Here Wallace is celebrating his 11th birthday 7 months post diagnosis chemo free! These were all toys mailed to Wallace by people around the country who loved him.

To help us help other dogs in need, Wallace’s book can be purchased here – www.wallacethepitbull.com. This true story, written by Jim Gorant, takes you on Wallace’s journey from unwanted shelter dog to Champion Frisbee Dog! Wallace passed away a year after diagnosis on 8/23/2013. Long Live Wallace the Pit Bull!

For more options on where the book can be purchased, click here.  Wallace was world famous.  If you haven’t already, give his Facebook page a like.

289 thoughts on “Dying Dog Goes Bonkers Over His Final Birthday Present

    1. Pitbulls have such a bad rap. We have 4 that were dumped on our street and they get along fine even with my german shephard husky mix. But you should see them during thunder storms hiding in a corner or so close to you it is uncomfortable because they are scared. They don’t even attack the mail man when he comes up to the door. Just sit and watch him. As long as we come in first with strangers they are fine. Not so safe when they try to come in first but they shouldn’t anyway. Friends and family members come in with no problem. One friend sleeps over on Thrusday nights when he works double shift and they don’t even bark when he gets dropped off at midnight. LOL

  1. Makes me remember when my Morgan was diagnosed with liver cancer at 10. She got hamburgers from the grill, cake, toys everything she wanted. We thought it would be a year, she passed away at 17. She amazed us all, Wallace will as well!!

  2. You still think pitbulls are not dangerous? Did you see how he distroyed that teddy in one second? Just imagine it was a Gucci bag!

  3. Miss ya Wallace…. hope you are up on Rainbow Bridge chasing those flying discs.
    You truly are an inspiration.
    Love to Roo and Clara and the other furbabies xxx

  4. This is the same cancer my Italian Greyhound was diagnosed with in January. We chose to pursue chemo and just try to enjoy each day we have. Such a terrible diagnosis. ?

  5. Oh, that just made me cry. You are such a good parent!! I’m in the same situation. My 12-yr-old lab has cancer and was given 3-4 months to live… We’ve recently passed the 4-month mark. Enjoy your time with him!

  6. I lost my second Rottweiler (mix), Taz, to hemangiosarcoma. He had a huge tumor on his spleen and non-regenerating anemia. It was 2 months from diagnosis to death. I had to put him down because it got to where he stopped greeting me at the door, he couldn’t take stairs, had black diarrhea and would barely eat. I cooked liver for him those last couple of months to help with the anemia, but nothing really made him feel better. Such a tragedy. He was just a big lap dog and he loved everyone. He was my mom’s favorite.

    1. So sorry to hear about your Rottie. I lost my golden retriever to hemangiosarcoma at the age of 13. Up until then, she had been very healthy,

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