Faithful Dog Walks at the Same Pace as His Elderly Owner

For this dog, the best part of the walk is that he doesn’t it with his best friend.

When it comes to going out on walks dogs get super excited. Most of them just want to run out the door and while some dog are very well leash-trained and walk perfectly next to their owners, some others just drag us down the block.

The dog in this video loves to go on walks, but we think what he enjoys the most is walking with his best friend. His owner is an elderly man who uses a walker and as you can see he doesn’t walk at a fast pace. This doesn’t bother the dog, he walks ahead, sniffs around and always looks back to check on his best friend. How adorable!

25 thoughts on “Faithful Dog Walks at the Same Pace as His Elderly Owner

  1. I love dogs.they are all loyal and most are more humane to one another and to there owners.I have 2 pugs the other night one got really sick.the healthy 1 didn’t go to bed ,like they both do,he wouldn’t have his bedtime treats,he just sat next to me and his friend just watching him until the next afternoon when he was acting healthy again.the only reason he did what he did was empathy,loyalty,and fear his bud wasn’t going to be OK.I know people who don’t act half as concerned for people they love.dogs are amazing animals and are smarter than people care to admit .lot going on in my little guys heads I see it all the time.

  2. That is sweet, however, reality is that the dog is not on a leash. Anything could happen and this poor man would not be able to do anything about it.

  3. More people should give more credit to these furbabies….. They truly are a member of the family, we should have enough respect to treat them as such…. 🙂 <3

  4. My dad shuffled with a cane…my dog would follow behind…sit for a bit…catch up slowly…sit again…but with me she jumps and runs…they KNOW who they need to be careful with

  5. I love seeing an elderly couple that lives near us walking their equally elderly collie every day. They walk with canes, rain or shine-or snow:)

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