Fritz Is Still Unable to Catch Despite Bunny Ears

We would have thought that the bunny ears would really have made a difference. Alas, it was not to be for poor Fritz.

Some of you may know our friend, Fritz.  He has an amazing talent, and is a pro at what he does – not catching things.  One would have assumed that with the bunny ears, and it being Easter Sunday, that the odds would be in his favor.  However, that wasn’t the case, and the results are just fantastic!




11 thoughts on “Fritz Is Still Unable to Catch Despite Bunny Ears

  1. I had one for 14.5 years that suffered from the same affliction. If you tossed her a treat, she’d just shut her eyes and brace for impact, which was just kinda sad. lol

  2. Don’t you worry, Fritz! We had a Golden Retriever for 13 years who… couldn’t. Would watch a ball or frisbee coming right for his face and be surprised when it hit him. We’d tell him to go get it, and he’d just look at it and then back at us. We adored him anyway, as I’m sure your family does you❤️ You rocked those ears, Buddy!

  3. Absolutely beautiful….love those extra set of ears on you buddy. You don’t have to worry your family loves you regardless of whether or not you can catch.

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